Sticking to Super? Jumping ship to MAHVEL? Why&why not?


So guys, it’s approximately a week until the much anticipated third installment of the Marvel vs. Capcom series. With the influx of new players(myself included) in the community, do you think they’ll have the patience to make the transition to a new game and learn a new engine? Learn new characters? Learn a new style of fighters? Will you make the jump from Super? Will you stick to it?

There are many reasons not to and fortunately more(IMO) reasons to pick up MVC. I personally think Street Fighter is more for me; the pace, the fact that it’s 1v1, the footsies, and frankly the unfamiliarity of a VS. series game can be a little intimidating to newer gamers. MVC2(from the few matches i’ve seen) is a very unforgiving game. Mistakes are of more consequence in MVC2, with factors like infinites, high damaging hypers and the variable of having to adjust your gameplan when a teammate is snuffed out.

With that said I will try MVC3, the game looks too good at this point not to.

What about you? Why? Why not?


I’m so hyped for MvC3, I get hard thinking about it. looks down Oh Goddddd, here I go again!

But really, I’m literally never playing console super again. When AE comes out though, I’ll be back. Mahvel is great, but I need a more traditional fighter to fall back on too. Honestly, between MvC3 and Street Fighter 4, I’m pretty much set on fighters for the next few years :slight_smile:


i’ll play it as long as it gets heavy play in tourneys. but i dont expect it to be a serious sf4 killer tho. both games will have their own crowds seeing as they play completely different


you bet your ass im jumping ship to marvel. sf4 lag sucks, can never enjoy an online session. plus all my locals are hype for it.


Sooooooo done with SF4.


I’ll be focusing on MvC 3 more for a while, while still playing Super a bit online and in tournaments. I’ll balance my time.


I’ll be juggling between AE, MvC3, BBCS2, and SSBB: Project M. They all offer different experiences for fighting games (DO NOT DISCUSS WHETHER SMASH IS A FIGHTER OR NOT.), and if I get bored with one, I can go to another for a bit.


Soooo hype for Marvel.

I rarely play Super in it’s current state, just try to keep the rust off, but I’m WAY more hype for if (when, let’s be honest) AE gets patched to console than I am for MvC3. Marvel is great, but I prefer slower paced, more mindgame heavy 1v1 fighters, more traditional if you will.

But between MvC3, SSF4 (w/ AE updates) and BBCS (w/ BBCS2 Arcade updates patched in, hopefully this comes at the same time as Platinum :D), I’m going to have no free time on my hands for the next few years!


Pciking up MvC3, but only to dabble- Main game will still be SSF4.


lol, smash

I’ll play. Still maining Super though.


it kinda sucks for me that everyone is leaving super because I think MVC is stupid in general and probably wont ever play it.




I plan on never touching super again.


Same here, I won’t even rent the game, sticking with Super, that’s my type of game.


Super is dying out badly. IF you are still hyped for that game… just … naw… that game is dead.

It was fun while it lasted.

SF4 scene is dying out… how sad. It couldn’t even last as long as 3rd Strike / CvS2 era.


From the looks of it, I think newer players will have a harder time picking up MvC3 than SF4. Marvel is still a very unforgiving game. Literally one mistake and your ass is out. Also the game just requires you to spend more time on it due to it’s nature of teambuilding, a lot more factors to keep in mind with constantly switching/countering strategies, endless possibilities with combo’s etc. etc.
Of course it’s a vastly different game compared to SF4, but it definently is more ‘hardcore’.


As long as I can main Captain America in SSF4… o wai-


For me nothing can replace Street Fighter but i will play MvC3 too.


god forbid you’d play both… impossible


I’ll drop Super completely until AE comes to consoles.