Stickless Arcade Stick



On the Front page of eventhubs and now SRK there is a video of a stickless arcade stick. Who else is edging to try one out?


I already had one half-built on my desk at home. I’d never thought to use my button-side thumb for Up, though. Crazy.

Though I can call total bullshit on not being able to do TK motions with a keypad. Ho ho ho.

You can’t do :uf::d::db::l: very fast, on a regular keypad setup, though. I’m gonna mess around with this.


Hmmm. Looks like fun, though I’m still playing on a controller, so I probably haven’t played enough to get the most out of one.


These things are pretty awesome. You can do neutral jumping instant air EX Danku to land all three hits on ALL standing characters. You can even do neutral jumping LK.Danku low enough to blow up all throw, tech and command grab attempts easily and consistently.

Come AE, I should be able to do silly combos like nj.EX Danku from a counter-hit cl.MP

For serious.


well, you are a keyboard warrior, so I expect da best from you using the keyboard stick.

If you master the air lk and ex dankuu like that, youll be gdlk. Its really good but its too hard for me to use consistantly.


nj.LK.Danku is kind of brainlessly easy. The only tough thing is timing it properly when there’s lag. Offline it’s a cinch. :\


can’t you customize the keyboard setup so that it’s essentially a stickless? Like using ASDF for directionals and jkl for PPP and m,. for KKK?


I practiced with arrow keys and spacebar, though you need a good spacebar. Sanwa buttons work MUCH better than a chunky spacebar.