sticks 4 sale

I need some referrals for my sig
This sticks are used & unmodded
I’ll pay for shipping :china:

SF2 nuby stick ps2/xbox2=referrals

T5 hori ps2=2 referrals(on hold for rock lee)

xbox hori ex=2 referrals

SC2 ps2/gc/xbox=2 referrals

Namco hori ps1,ps2=3 referrals

So if I want the namco stick, I’ll have to complete an offer?

PM sent

i’m interested in the Namco, Tekken or SF stick. any one would be nice. so what do i have to do?

I am interested in the SF stick. PM Sent.

you can only do 1 offer yourself and then you will need to get a friend to do the other.

step 1-3 should help explain

PM sent.

step1:sign up w/email under my link and make sure your using it,it should have referred by 4173787 in the corner.

step2:sign up for an offer(Blockbuster is only $10.can cancel after 1st month)

step3:get a friend/family to do another.(not under the same household)

SF2stick:Evil Samurai got 1st dibs :tup:
ps1 namco hori: which of you guys can do it the fastest? :confused:

I want the T5 stick. I don’t see a price though =/

whoever just got me some referrals pm me the email so I’ll know its you that sent them.

its say “Offer Incomplete” I don’t know if you didn’t finish it all the way or it hasn’t had enough time to process.

This appears to be a scam.

Looks like he took some random stock joystick pictures from the internet.

2 questions. is this for real? and is the namco still up for grabs?

Dude GTFO with that shit. Nobody is gonna do one of those offers. Someone please just close this thread.

testing 1,2…1…2.3? mic check?

lol thanks for reminding me that I also have pelican universal(ps2,xbox1) and a 2nd T5 hori! :china:

dude, albert_c is a mod. :wtf:

i’d take that note off. just a thought.

Yo dude if you are going to sell them then sell them for cash. Those referral systems may be ‘legal’ but they smell like a pyramid scheme to me which is illegal. No wonder your rep is so negative.

I said it “appeared” to be a scam.

You should have used your own pictures to begin with.

…and, I don’t know if this kind of crap is allowed in the trading section of SRK anyway.

sigh I get no love these days.

Edit: You can leave the “albert_c is gay” note on them. It’s funny.


You know it’s not :3 (Infraction issued)

I remember doing some of the offers on that site, and it really fucked up my debit card so be extremely careful and read all offers carefully. Matter fact, I should just close this because it reeks of scam (not saying it is, but there’s just too much risk involved when doing offers nowadays)

Guess I’ll think about it.

Considering the going rate on EBay for some of those sticks you can just sell them for money and buy a 360. Considering that you say you will pay for shipping you might as well do that instead and not have people think you are some shady scam artist or trying to get us involved in one.