Sticks and next-gen consoles

I’m well aware that Madcatz confirmed that their current sticks and other peripherals won’t work with the PS4/Xbox1. However, I couldn’t find a clear answer regarding other companies and stick types, such as Hori and Qanba. I’m looking at purchasing a new stick to replace my Hori Fighting Stick 3, to use with my PC and PS3. However, if say, a Qanba Q4 won’t work with the PS4, then I’d rather just save my money and wait. I understand that I could probably mod it myself, but I have no experience with modding sticks and would be worried about doing so.

So, tl;dr, I’m wondering if there is any confirmation about non-madcatz sticks natively working with next-gen consoles.

No one knows yet, dude.

The rumor mill strongly suggests that no, they won’t.

Either way, if you REALLY want to play fighting games, there is a plethora available on current gen machines, so it’s not like your stick won’t get any use. So far, only Killer Instinct (XBO) has been announced, and although GG Xrd -Sign- was recently announced, it’s going to be a while before we know when it will make its way to consoles, and which ones… You can count that the millions of current gen consoles will not be ignored anytime soon.

It was kind of odd that Ultra SF IV was not specifically noted as being available on next gen consoles… Considering that it will also be available as a full retail release, you’d think that it would be a great time to bring the franchise into the next gen.

I was thinking the same thing once they revealed Ultra.

We already have two whole threads on the topic.

And do not forget this

For real modders who aren’t afraid to get dirty and pad hack, this isn’t an issue, for the guys who want the easy all-in-one solution will be left in the dust until a offical stick release comes out.

here is the same thread on the same topic back 8 years ago as we waited for the Xbox 2 (Xbox 360) and the PS3.

There might be a tiny sliver of hope, as I recall one interview around E3 a Sony Exec mentioned that they “believed” that PS3 USB steering wheels would work on the PS4. Leading to some speculation that HID compliant input devices would still work with the PS4 (minus the share button and stuff like that) so non-MadCatz input devices would still work in that case. But it’s far from confirmed and seems a bit dubious myself. It’s a shame, because I’m currently doing a big stick build and my current setup is 360/PC. As such I already have some cheap fightpads to padhack for 360/PC support. However I’m really not thrilled with the Xbox One, so if Sony actually confirmed HID input for the PS4 I would go ahead and add the MC Cthulhu in so that I could have PS4 support in the future. But $60+ for a PCB (add in all the wires and jacks and whatnot) is too much if it’s not going to work on the PS4, so I’m not really sure what to do. Probably just hack in the 360 pad for now, and I can always add in the PS support in the future if needed.

Thats all thats been said.

Look No one is clear what will work until the PS4 and Xbone Launch this Fall.
Even if HID class devices work on the developer PS4 units now, it does not mean it will work for the Retail Units.
Also you have to imagine there will be a day 1 firmware update for both consoles, the Wii U is unusable without it’s Day 1 Firmware update.
Day 1 firmware updates that could remove HID device compatibility.

Please keep in mind stick modding is not a cheap hobby. For many of us dropping $60 for a stick is nothing, Hell Check out some of the other forums, the Neo Geo Forums would laugh if you think $60 is too much, don’t get me started with Geek Hack.

Darksakul is right, just because there’s tons of el cheapo arcade sticks with prices ranging $50 - $70 doesn’t means that expending $60 in a PCB is a lot of money.

If you are afraid that current sticks and PCBs are not gonna work with PS4 and Xbox One the only thing that you can do is wait until those consoles are released to the market.

Another example is with legacy consoles support on PCB some guys prefer to use PSX/PS2 adapters instead of using a PCB plugged with RJ45 to a specific console cable.

I doubt they will be compatible but time will tell. If madcatz isn’t compatible than it isn’t likely other brands will be.

The problem with the PS4 thing is that it seems nobody knows.

MadCatz said it needs all new hardware. That could imply it wont work… But it doesn’t say “it WONT work”.
Sony said they SHOULD work… though again, that doesn’t mean it will, it just says they don’t fucking know.

MCZ’s statement COULD imply that the features that are on the PS4 wont be compatible, hence needing new hardware. That’s like saying the PS3 needs all new hardware… Exactly - The PS2 pads will work with a converter, BUT don’t expect sixaxis controls to magically appear in them… Or analog to appear in the PS1 buttons if you use a DS1 on a PS2…

As @YellowCan said, only time will tell.

PlayDoh I was thinking the same thing. I still think it will be on next gen.