Sticks for Joy: Charity Sticks (Pre-order SFJ shirts!)


Welcome to the official Team Tech Talk Sticks for Joy Foundation Thread!

Our Mission: The mission of Sticks for Joy is to create the highest quality of arcade-style joystick controllers in collaboration of skilled arcade stick builders, modders, and artists. Sticks for Joy is committed to supporting various charities through fundraising events with the arcade sticks it creates.

Current Projects: SFJ custom shirts!** Pre-order details:**

Straight design:

Tilted design:

One-off color shirts and Youth sizes are no extra charge, and will use the same screen, the shirt shop said that the same screen should fit across most Youth sizes just fine. Note: The screen will still be white, a darker colored shirt is recommended.

The standard shirt will be Navy. Extras will be purchased for sale at tourneys or for anyone who may miss out.

American Apparel is available, for an extra charge. The stock, cheapy shirt isn’t terribly comfortable. That said, there is a nice brand (Canvas) that is ring-spun cotton like AA that feels very similar, and doesn’t cost much extra. If you want AA, you’re welcome to it, however.

The price for each normal (Canvas Brand) shirt will be $20. American Apparel can be had for an additional $3, and 2X or 3X sizes will also be $3 extra.

Shipping is TBD, but I’ll likely use USPS first-class mail for domestic orders. The fun will be in international orders. I’ll go by my local post office tomorrow to find out how much this will be.

Since there are the tilted and straight layouts, I will let those who pre-order vote on which style they would like. You may abstain from the vote if you choose. You are allowed one vote per shirt pre-ordered. You do not have to vote with every shirt the same way. For example, you can pre-order two shirts, vote tilted with one, and abstain from the other.


Shirt size:
American Apparel?
One-off color?
Number of shirts this type:
Tilted or Straight logo vote:
Country of Destination:
PayPal Address:

If you want to order two shirts that are not the same (e.g. Adult Medium in Navy and Adult Large in another color), please fill out two forms with “Number of shirts this type” with one each.


**Shirt size:**Adult Medium (Please specify Adult or Youth size. If not specified, it will be assumed Adult)
**American Apparel?**Yes
**One-off color?**No
**Number of shirts this type:**2
**Tilted or Straight logo vote:**Tilted 1, Abstain 1
**Country of Destination:**United States

**Shirt size:**Adult Large
**American Apparel?**No
**One-off color?**Yes, Purple
**Number of shirts this type:**1
**Tilted or Straight logo vote:**Straight 1
**Country of Destination:**United States

No payment is due at this time. Invoices will be sent out in the future to the PayPal address you list on the form.

Pre-orders close on Jan 31, 11:59 PM EST.

Past Projects:

Our tasteful Thanks to all of our supporters and donators

This is a metal joystick by none other than our own VOLTECH. With a sexy, reflective paint job and balltop by RoninWarrior and artwork by d3v, this beauty looks too good to play on. However, at Sticks for Joy, we know beauty in and out. Powered by Toodles Multi-console Cthulhu and a 360 Dual Mod, jdm714 will give it the power for PS3, 360, Dreamcast, PS1/PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox 1 all in a single stick.

Congratulations to Ray Meyers, winner of the VAS-SFJ!

Project Outcome: $1500 raised and sent to Red Cross Japan!

Sponsored by:

Special thanks to our Donors:

the cleaner

Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V
Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)
Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)
Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside. (READ THIS BEFORE HITTING THAT NEW THREAD BUTTON!)

Latest News


Sticks for Joy shirt pre-order is up! Details in the first post!


Sticks for Joy on Facebook and Twitter!


Sticks for Joy Reboot. Time to attack the 2012 tourney season with our joysticks.

4/5/11 New email address is also registered.

Working on registering us as a non-profit. Cool.


Long break away. Updated the first post with teams and other info.


Sticks for Joy it is! Currently drawing up teams for sticks, stay tuned, folks.

3/2/11 (Later that day):

1) Alright, I believe the consensus at this point has been to donate to Child’s Play. I have contacted them inquiring about how we can become a more “official” organization with them as our primary contact. It’s a stepping stone so that we can get that PayPal “Donate” button. Please note: This process could very well take a while, but donations are welcome, and accepted at this time to

2) Great name proposal by d3v! “Team Tech Talk Sticks for Joy Foundation,” or just “Sticks for Joy” for short (to be easy to remember and not so wordy)


In order to get through the legal loops of possibly organizing a charity bank account and charity paypal account, we need two decisions ASAP:

1) An official name for our organization. I dubbed this “Project Premium Stick,” but I’m sure we can come up with something better!

2) A designated charity. Right now, I think we’re mostly in agreeance to donate all proceeds to Child’s Play. If anyone has any better suggestions, please submit them ASAP to be considered.


Reserved for later use. Post away, Tech Talk.


I like this idea, I’ll be sure to donate. Did you guys consider the Make a wish foundation?


Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition.
I love the idea of donating to Child’s Play, as it’s definitely within our scope, as it were.


I dunno, that’s starting to sound like a certain idiots “customs”. Also, what decides whos name gets on the stick (It’s not like we’re going to have 5 people do the wiring on the stick, so the actual assembly of the stick is limited to a small number of people)? If we’re taking donations, that list of names could get very long.

As I said in the Think Out Loud, if you’re already covering the wiring, i’m down with donating a set of buttons or something.


Again, true. This was just my personal feelings about it, but you’re right, it won’t touch enough hands to really be worth the long list.

I also kind of intended it as a slap to “certain idiots,” since that was kind of what the idea was borne from.

Nope, just got started on this today. Added to suggested charities.


Such a great idea and Im glad to be a part of it!


Why not include Toodles’ flash board to make more premium?


Oh, it just dawned on me. This is going to be an stick with RJ-46 cables?
I can round you up a set of NES, SNES, PSX, Dreamcast and USB cables (Probably for free, my local store has broken controlers that will just get thrown out, I’m sure if I tell him what its for he’ll be happy to throw them my way).

I may also have a spare TE/SE PCB to donate… don’t hold me to that though.


I did list under donations that an optical would be amazing. If Spark! is released in time, sure.

That’s to be determined, really. Because a double/triple wireless is extremely viable as an option for being premium as well. But if we do go that route, I would surely appreciate the cables to avoid having to hunt them down myself.


Hey did you guys want a custom steel control panel for this, If you guys tell me the size that the stick is going to be and what kind of layout it is going to have then i can whip up a steel control panel to donate.
Just let me know


np, hit me up if we go the route of RJ-45, it’ll cost a hell of a lot less for me to ship the cables down than to buy a whole bunch of extension cables.

At worst, put me down for donating a set of buttons, of course when the colors are decided.


Very awesome! I’ll keep you posted!

That reminds me, layout needs to be determined. I’m thinking Vewlix, as it seems to be what’s gaining popularity and preferred, but, again, this whole thing isn’t my decision, I want it to be a collaboration, and I know a lot of people love their Sega Player layouts.

Excellent! Thank you!


will be more than happy to donate my BE/ Sugar Kane balltop for the cause.
and i can also check my local retro shop to see what i can find for cords. of course i can put a neutrik boot to make it classy. will be able to buy em in 2 weeks or so.


I was actually going to ask blklightning if he could donate a cp to me for the case. I was thinking a large 8 button vewlix for extra room for pcb(s).

On top of building an exotic wood case I can donate my pearl led lightable balltops.


Awesome idea. This is super cool of you all.


I see no problem with Vewlix. As much as I prefer the Sega arcs, Vewlix is pretty much the new standard.


Layouts or anything that deals with more than one option can always be put to a vote. But then if it’s decided multiple sticks are to be made, then one of each would do. But then again, this can also be put to a vote. I’m seeing this as Blog Cabin-esque but for arcade controllers.


I’d be willing to donate some cash for the project. Awesome idea.