Sticks for PS2?

I recently bought a FS3 for my PS3, and my friend fell in love with it. He decided he wanted one for himself, only for PS2. Now, I’ve been searching and searching, and all PS2 sticks are either out of stock or overpriced. I bought my FS3 for $50, I was wondering if there were still any stick available in that price range.

The only one I could find is the Mayflash USB Stick.
I’m not sure if its any good. Has anyone used this one with stock parts before?

If you can recommend me other decent sticks please let me know.

they have a few at acgames in toronto. they’ll go for less then retail value too probably, look em up in google and give them a call or email and talk to the owners, it’s independant so they’ll bend some rules for you. aslong as you wire them the money and pay for the shipping costs i guarantee the most your looking at is 70 bucks. but im gonna say you’ll pay 60 bucks total.

IM JUST SAYING if you really wanted it, like this week at a cheap price, for sure, your gonna have to do things differently but just do as i tell you and i guarantee youll get a HRAP 2

EDIT: the site is all contact info is there. you can also type “video game retail stores (then put your cities name)” and google should show you a business directory as your first link, you’ll get every video game retail store in your city. who knows maybe theres some independant stores or vintage game shops you never knew about. it was the same way i found my HFS3 and it was also a nice gem to find a store i never knew about with so much great games. good luck man, most online shops are out of stock.

if you cant find any then just get a custom stick