Sticks for sale w/brooks universal fighting board


hello everybody. i have a few sticks i’m finally ready to let go. accepting cash, if you’re local and paypal for everyone else. i’m not certain what shipping will cost, but i will try to set it up where it will be adequately packed to travel safely, while keeping the price low. i live in el monte, ca. 91732.

most sticks are modded with the brooks universal fighting board, jlf joystick, 2lb tension spring, over sized actuator, octagonal gate, and sanwa push buttons, unless otherwise noted. i will include the stock 1lb tension spring and square gate for most sticks. none of the sticks come with the original boxes, unless otherwise noted.

first up, is a qanba stick. the black buttons on top are set up, from left to right, as HOME, TOUCH PAD, SELECT, and START. also, the led lights are connected and correspond to whatever user number you’re signed in as. asking $200 firm+shipping.

second, is a mad catz te-s. the TURBO button is wired to function as the TOUCH PAD button, and the HOME button is still a HOME button. also, the led lights will correspond to whatever user number you’re signed in as, however, the lights are dim. the plexi glass is a little warped, and slightly separated in the upper left hand corner. i have a brand new full sized plexi glass, but that will cost a little more to replace. i also have a small plexi glass and clear bezel that i can replace for no extra charge. the push buttons are screw-in. asking $200 obo+shipping.

next, is an etokki stick. the 24mm push buttons are set to HOME, TOUCH PAD, SELECT, and START. the ball top is mesh to match the pattern under the plexi glass. also, i did not put a ferrite bead on the usb cable. i have tested this stick for at least 10 hours, and haven’t noticed any differences compared to other sticks with ferrite beads. asking $250 firm+shipping.

next up, is the hori vewlix pro 4 premium with a shadaloo xl transporter. there are a few small dings on it, but my camera wasn’t able to pick them up clearly. the transporter is still sealed in plastic. all the buttons are black sanwa snap-ins. includes the dust cloth. i can include the hayabusa joystick, and nine kuro buttons if you want. asking $500 firm+shipping. i want to sell them as a set since i don’t thave the vlx box, but if you only want one item, then the vlx will be $400 firm+shipping, and the bag will be $150 firm+shipping.

next up are two dreamcast green goblins. both are stock, and come with the box. $50 each+shipping.

next up i have two stock chun-li mad catz xbox360 sticks(square gate, 1lb tension spring, and regular actuator). the first stick, 1640/2000, has a few small scratches on the plexi glass. the case is in great condition. asking $150 obo+shipping. the second stick 215/2000 is in great condition all around. i replaced the stock yellow ball top and black dust washer with white to match the bezel. also, replaced the black plexi glass screws are stainless steel screws. asking $200 obo+shipping.

lastly, i have a hori real arcade pro 2 special addition. this stick is stock. the camera didn’t pick this up, but the white plastic case has a slight yellow tint. i don’t remember the stick having this discoloration when i bought it a few years ago, but the discoloration is on the inside of the case as well. asking $250 firm+shipping.

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. i may be willing to trade for other sticks, or arcade stuff(mvs games, cps2 boards, etc), just ask and we’ll see what we can work out. happy hunting everyone.

p.s. play chaos code.


added some sticks, and now accepting paypal.


PM sent


PM sent


green goblin without box on hold.


green goblin without box sold to noober2.


@pantyguardcrush is extremely quick on shipping and his fees are really low.


usf4 te2, and chun li te2 sold locally.