Sticks for the PS2


I am in the market for some decent arcade sticks for the ps2 due to my nuby tech pads breaking down. So what are my options for arcade sticks in the $50-$150 dollar range


Theres a mayflash one NEW PS2 PS3 PC USB Universal Arcade Fighting Stick (Joystick / Joy Stick): Video Games PS3/PS2/PC USB Universal K.O. Arcade Fighting Stick: Video Games


or u can get a namco stick


Yeah, get a namco. Seriously.


Yup I’d get an old Namco. They sell for the neighborhood of $55 or so




360 Round 2 TE + MC Cthulhu + Dual Shock cable.


The second one is terrible. I’ve played on it. The microswitches aren’t even properly centered on the stick. Yuck. Namco stick all the way. And then get some converters for 360/PS3 and you’ve got yourself a good multi-system stick!


I agree with speedlolita.


where would be the best place to purchase a couple online


I second this. Great stick


also how are the Sammy CVS: Chaos sticks


Try the trading outlet :slight_smile:


I think meus is selling a namco for 75 talk to him
I bought one from him and it was perfect