Sticks like the old Sega Saturn stick? +random SSF4 questions


I’m having great trouble adjusting to the SF4 TE stick’s layout, specifically I can’t do QTC right well and some other problems, I easily press up right instead of just right and I’m thinking it’s because the stick is so close to the buttons that my arm is aligned like / this.

Whereas with the old SAT joysticks I have I can do everything better, especially DP motions. While the TE is like joystick */// (representing also button alignment) the SAT sticks are like * \\ which for me is just much more comfortable. Also I like how the Japanese Saturn stick resists somewhat, well, since it’s pretty old, and as I read some joystick threads here I noticed talk about how american parts resist more - I like the sound of that, and with the buttons too.

Anyway, obviously the old SAT games (Night Warriors, SFA2, Virtua Fighter Remix which would be my favourite fighting game, and VF2) are a lot slower than SSF4 which I’m playing on the PS3 but I think I have played enough that I know I wouldn’t use TE for much else than spaceship shooting games or run 'n gun games (doesn’t seem to be a lot of those on the PS3, or any games in general, but I can’t help that).

And onto randomquestions. So I have mained Dee Jay online after trying some Bison, not very successfully mostly as there’s a couple of things I can’t quite grasp. As in when you can start to input when you’re waking up, can you attack in any way if somebody’s hitting you with a string of attacks when you block or do you have to wait, and what is going on when I’m trying to do the U2, do the input, nothing at all happens, I’d at least except some random punch or MGU, but is this some common glitch or something? Oh and when do you input your AA command, at the apex of the jump or before? Because I’m getting a lot of nothing + getting hit in the face when trying to AA. I assume the various AA moves have that much startup save for maybe shoto DP’s?


I’m a DJ player myself. As Dee Jay, your best anti-air option is the EX up kick special. This move has a four frame startup, meaning that your opponent only has 1/60 of a second to time their jump-in correctly, or else you will hit them. The other, non-EX up kicks all have 6 frames of startup and varying degrees of invincibility. Needless to say, EX is the best choice, but the lk version isn’t bad.

The motion for Ultra 2 takes some practice. Note that the up-forward command listed in the movelist can also be input as up-back or straight up. This is what I do, it eliminates a lot of the motion and creates a much cleaner input. As I said earlier the EX up kicks is the best anti-air, followed by the lk up kicks. As far as timing, that’s just something you will learn with practice. Unfortunately playing online just makes it even harder, I wish there was something I could tell you to help but that’s just the way things are. My best advice to you would be to seek out local, offline competition, if you want an optimal experience.

itwastuesday, you’re not alone. I kinda had the same problem with the TE when I first got it because I was so used to playing fighting games with the Dreamcast arcade stick. I still prefer the Dreamcast stick to the TE because of the six button layout and the buttons on the TE are too close to the stick for my taste.

Your best bet with AAing with Dee Jay is your EX and MK upkicks. Far standing strong/fierce, and ducking HK are decent but situational AAs. Anyho, your main priority with Deejay is setting up his psuedo vortex. You can chain into his crouching mk, which is a sweep. LK and EX Sobats, all MGUs and up kicks provide a knockdown (though techable) and D.LK in the air change your jump arc. Jumping MK is Dee Jay’s crossup. Use this as well as your grab to create ambiguous setups. As soon as you get your opponent guessing the game is yours.

If all else fails, Dee Jay’s got some quick recovery on his fireballs. Just don’t lose the life lead.