Sticks on Vita?


I realize it’s not out, but I was wondering if anyone had read anything about the Vita supporting external accessories (i.e. arcade sticks)?


What would be the point? I mean, it’s supposed to be a portable console, and an arcade stick in 5x as big and 10x as heavy as the ps vita.
Not to mention it’d be awkward to play on a stick while looking at a 5" screen.


I think a “Vita Mount” on an arcade stick and you’d have an actual portable version of a fighting game that’s worth playing. I would counter and say "what’s the point of UMvC3 on a portable system when forced to play with the “pad”?


I don’t think it’s a huge selling point for them therefore will probably go untested until someone cares to look. But it has a USB port on the bottom of it, I will assume that it will recognize any PS3 encoded peripherals connected to it (wireless included). I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t include such a simple feature, but I guess power issues (since the Vita would need to power the wired stick/controller) might be the only realistic thing I can see holding that feature out.


I wouldnt mind a port to accept a PS3 stick on the vita. With a bracket/mount to hold the Vita on the stick at an angle. Just the optional port so if someone wanted to run a stick they could.


people are already playing ssf4 and umvc3 on a pad, so your “counter argument” isn’t the best one.

Like someone above me said, there’ll probably be some power issues tho.


I realize that, but to have it be the ONLY option… that’s the issue.


I see what you mean, well, let’s hope the stick option is available


Arcade stick on Vita needs to happen - BECAUSE TECH TALK.


$10 to the first person to “pad hack” the Vita should it not have native peripheral support!


Yes! In fact, why don’t we set up a “bounty” prize for the first person to do so!


I’ll leave this right here…


Since it seems like you know something that we don’t (don’t you always), care to contribute to the pot?


Tiny arcade stick? 24mm Sanwa’s? Freaking adorable <3


Sixaxsis + Axisadapter + shell. The PSP Go has the capability to use a PS3 controller, it’d be stuipd to take it out of the Vita.


This means it will likely be taken out of the Vita. /sadtruth


Vita does not have a USB port on the bottom it is a port for charging and transfering data. However, the end of that cable become a male usb so one can try to use a male to female converter to test it the theory. I was at a Vita tour at GA but the people don’t know jack about it nor anything about fight stick. I even brough one up to them to test but they don’t have a converter nor a game I can test it on. TwT Btw, the US model does not have the UMD port.


I don’t give a fuck what the point is, I can’t wait for a Vita ‘arcade stick,’ and I’ll be first in line to pick one up if the build quality is worth it.

I’m picturing a much smaller TE stick with a slot to insert Vita like a SNES cartridge, but who knows.


Mini sticks for constricted travel?? Fuuuu-uck that. I’m not that hard up for Street Fighter action.

Me personally, i think micro sticks for use in conjunction with the Vita is kinda silly. All I want is the ability to use my usb pads/sticks on it and definitely video out, which I heard is still possible.


You heard it’s still possible? Who said? I wanna see!!!