Sticks provided by american dealers

Basically the only ones I know of as of now are the te, the “downgraded te”, the tvc, and some old nes/snes sticks (lol), and maybe an x arcade/ sf ann. edition here and there. I’d really like to know of a usable, good quality and versatile stick (multi system compatible w/ converters) that I can just go out to a gamestop or something and buy.* I know the common choice is the hrap series, but I’d have to order that.**

On a different note, does the tvc stick use a gcn cable or the weird setup that the classic controller uses?

*I have a “classic gaming” shop in my area that sells such rare items as the original earthbound and puzzle fighter games. I’ll check that place out if all else fails.

**If this seems familiar to you, it’s because I asked a broad, general question about this before. Thing is I can’t get an hrap without a credit card, which I am too young to get (17).

Unfortunately Gamestop isn’t going to sell too many sticks. You can probably find TEs there, or the Tekken stick by Hori included in the bundle. That’s about it. As for the TvC stick, it uses the classic controller setup that requires going through the Wii remote.

-_-… man…
Is the Tekken stick good for converting and such? (I.E., USB, enough buttons for sf etc etc.)
Saw Nica using one in one of his vids, seemed to work very well. Of course he may have modified it.

The Tekken stick is 6 button, so it has the right layout for SF. If you get the 360 version I’m sure it would work with PC due to the USB connection, though I can’t be sure. It is, however, made with Hori buttons rather than Seimitsu or Sanwa though.

Oh no, hori buttons! They are only more responsive than the american ones!/sarcasm. :smiley:
Anyway can it be converted to ps2 and gcn/wii? (via gcn ports.) I read that some ps3 sticks can go backwards compatible.
Also is this thing square, octo, or circle gated?

Sorry but my knowledge of the stick pretty much ends here. However, I’m pretty sure that you can’t convert a PS3 stick to PS2 or GCN unfortunately =/. Not sure about the gates.

There are no converters for 360 or PS3 sticks to any other system - you have to install another PCB (the electronic guts of a controller or joystick) into one if you want to get it to work on other consoles.

All retail, Japanese-style sticks come with a square gate.

ok, so the tekken stick square then? can u get it any other way or would it have to be modded?
Also, I thought the ps3 stick was usb… Or one of them (360/ps3) was.

Yes, Tekken stick is square gate. I’m not sure if the alternate gates that you can buy would be able to fit on the Hori joystick… But yeah, if you want to change the gate on a Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick, it’s a very simple mod.

Both PS3 and 360 controllers are USB, but that’s just the connector - they’ll work on the PC (because you can download drivers) but not on any other consoles.

Hm, that’s odd. Imma check for usb converters via googlez.
Well wait a min… Couldn’t it work with the ps2’s usb port?

There are converters between PS3/360 available, like the XCM Cross Fire, but they’ve all been proven to lag or drop inputs - not exactly conducive to playing a fighting game.

No, PS3 controllers do not work on the PS2. USB is just a connector, each console simply does not have the software to recognize controllers from other systems.

Are you guys talking about the T6 bundle Hori stick? I’ve got one for the 360 and it is COMPLETELY wireless. No strings attached, literally. It’s a very minimal stick.

Use a money order and buy a stick off of someone in the trading outlet on this board. You can make a post in the regional section of the boards asking if anyone in your area has a stick to sell and you could even go pick it up yourself.