Sticks: Sold, other Misc items left

Sticks all sold out, thanks to those who bought them. Few remaining items to sell, take a quick peak.

Other Items:

Resident Evil 4 (PS2): Brand new, unopened, greatest hits version. $10 shipped.

Yellow Bat Top: Brand new. $5 shipped

Guitar Hero 2 Xplorer Guitar: Ok condition. Cord had a little tear in it and is taped up but it works perfectly fine. $15 shipped


New Item SOLD
Red God of War PSP.

Comes with Final Fantasy Tactics, Crisis Core Final Fantasy and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, Protective Travelers case, and Power Cord. $150 Shipped

HRAP 2: SA SOLD in great condition. Bought it used but I and the previous user hardly used it at all. Comes with original box (Box has some dents in it). $135 Shipped[/COLO
Madcatz SE Stick (PS3) [COLOR=“Red”]SOLD Brand new and never used. $65 Shipped

5 Clear Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30 MM Buttons: SOLD Brand new. $12 Shipped

Tekken 5 Stick SOLD: In almost new condition. Has sat in its box and barely used. $60 shipped

PS3 SE Stick Empty Case SOLD: Case has a small hole drilled in the front originally used for a DPDT switch. Comes with bottom metal panel, but no screw. $20 Shipped

InPin Converter SOLD: Brand new $20 shipped.

If youre interested, I prefer you send an e-mail to instead of PMing me. Thanks!

All items purchased before Sunday August 2nd will be shipped out on Monday or Tuesday (August 3rd or 4th

I’ll take the clear buttons sent pm
also does the yellow bat come with adapter?

i got $60 on that tekken stick

pm sent for the inpin

e-mailed for PS3 SE case

I see all the pm’s and emails and will be responding in the next day. Everything is first come first serve, so if you got your post/pm/email in on an item and you don’t flake out on payment… you have dibs.

I have an empty SE case or I would have snatched that up. You definitely let that go for cheap.

sent email to u

When you send me your paypal I’ll send cash :slight_smile:

damn you ibeatu! you beat me to those KN’s! Get off the forums once in awhile! lol

icewilly- if for some odd reason ibeatu doesnt want the buttons or you just dont like ibeatu and want to sell the KN buttons to me lmk.
LOL its worth a shot

Lol @ aj I check up on da iPhone for good deals lol u still da man though:)

and payment sent for buttons.

Bump, still got 2 sticks left.

the Hrap, and the PS3 SE.

snatch them up!

Free bump just because I can’t have anymore sticks but these prices are great! I’d take the SE in a second if I didn’t already have my TE!

Although that SA is looking MIGHTY tempting, lol… Always wanted one…

I’m going to ask my friend if he wants the SE stick. I’ll get back to you in the evening if he wants it if its still available.

All stock right?

price a lil hefty for that hrap =/

sent you an email for the SE ps3 stick.

PS3 SE stick is pending, got a few offers on the Hrap that I am considering… no one yet at asking price.


bump for new hrap price, 135$ shipped

added PSP item

nice psp