Sticks up for grabs


Hey guys, I have 2 sticks up for grabs, 1blank and 1brand new, they were made by a friend of mine but i dont want them anymore.

Blaze 2player joystick (broken, i dont think player 1 works, I dont have a ps2/1 to test it on right now) but it could be a cool project to work on $75shipped


Nice sticks man specially the Speed racer one. Good luck with the sell, those sticks are going to sell fast. :wgrin:


pm sent


pms sent, also pics of tekken stick are up


I have an offer on the blank and tekken stick so those are probably going to be gone soon.


tekken case and blank robot case SOLD
speed racer stick still up for grabs**


EDIT: since im selling my arcade stuff, anyone interested in this?

The wiring is messed up (player one joy doesnt work) but might be a cool project none the less.


You have to post a price.


Post a price and i might be interested


yep you have to put price at least to start with, and its on the forums rules, im interested :woot:


pm sent


PM for blaze sent


Oh sorry forgot the price rule, havent been here in a while…

$75 shipped for the blaze


Speed racer stick sold!!! all i got left is the blaze stick.