Sticks with dual compatibility out of the box?


What sticks out there can be used with PS3 and 360 out of the box, and why isn’t this a common feature? Cost-cutting or licensing issues?


Licensing. Microsoft pretty much wont let you use their security chip if the stick works on the PS3 as well.

That said, Datel/Joytron have been able to crack the chip and put out a Mayflash based dual console stick.

Joytron Paewang Revolution



Only the Datel/Joytron does both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in same unit.


And its quality is regrettable other than the PCB. Could be modded, but the button holes are 28mm instead of 30mm. And this thing raised hell since they somehow cracked the code behind the microshaft security chip. Oh, and they were sure to put capcom licensed characters on the front. Best thing to do with this is to just gut the PCB and add it to your own project. It’s surprisingly compact, and actually a pretty darn good deal for $60. Haha. Their PCB is less junky than the madcatz one, too.

Actually, if they had put good parts in it, it probably would have raised a lot more hell because everyone would want it over the TE. Heh.


Only the Datel on has SF art (Joytron doesn’t). The the case itself is decent for the price.


I thought it was one of datel’s 360 controllers that raised hell with Microsoft not this joystick?

I picked one of these sticks as a secondary stick (i personally think these are good as secondary sticks). The dual compatibility works quite well. I’m currently in the process of getting it modded since the stock parts are garbage but the PCB and case are worth as others have said.


The PCB is worth its weight in gold, If you’re a custom builder, the stick is worth it for that alone. You can still put a JLF and new buttons (sanwa if you want to grind a bit; crown for drop in fit).

Funny thing is, I pillaged a Datel for a PCB for one of my projects, now have to add a dual strike to the case to sell it! Crazy…


Hmm interesting proposition. Can be modded with Crown drop ins you say. HMM. Is there a drop-in option for the stick?

So, what’s the story with the Wii (Gamecube) then? Has anyone dual/triple modded a stick for it?


Might want to try sticking a PeeWii in it for Wii compatibility.


How do the parts on this stick (Mayflash?) compare to stock Hori? I know they’re cheap but are we talking mediocre or unusable? I’ve never tried Mayflash sticks before.