Stick's working ... now what TV to get?

Hi all, new here,

So a couple weeks ago I got my trusty PS2 back, and thought it was high time to get serious with ThirdStrike. So I thought, ‘Hey reviews seem to be good, let’s buy a Xarcade Solo’! What a mistake - I was completely stunned buy the very noticeable lag either on the PS2 or even if plugged straight to a PC by USB.

So I shipped it back and thought, fuckit I’ll build my own! This is my first stick ever obviously, and it’s still in the barebones ‘working’ state as opposed to the ‘pretty’ state. Still have to close the box, secure the PCB aso. But it works! Used a PS1 controller PCB (and eventually found out that even offcial PS1 PCBs do not all peform equally. Thefirst one I wired in couldn’t register some buttons if pressed at the same time, crazy)

Front design to come, to be covered with a piece of Lexan.

And some more older design ideas.

So I have a decent stick now but I am now looking for a decent TV too. My PS2 is currently plugged to my dell monitor, which only have that one yellow composite input meaning horrible picure quality and no progressive scan mode.

I don’t want to spend too much for yet another ugly screen in the room (huge fullHD panels are not my thing…) but I want it to be completely lag-free. Problem is, tube TVs seem to be disappearing so fast…

My PS2 used to be plugged to a nice second-hand tube TV through scart, it looked fantastic… But I also have component cables, which I tried once or twice on both a 720p and 1080p TV. I had no chance to test out the potential lag on SF3 tho.

So my question is : do you know of a good, medium size Tube, LCD or Plasma TV, accepting component input, with pixel-perfect rendition of a PS2 signal, and no lag?

Thanks boys,


Sharp Aquos LCDs have a game mode that apparently does not have any lag.

the benq v2400w is pixel per pixel ferdect and lag free but it only has VGA , dvi, & hdmi so you will need a VGA box. I and the 1 flaw it has is virtucle viewing angle is horrible. Check for my thread in tech talk labled what LCD to buy or something like that there’s slot of info on this subject in there.

Hey thanks Neo that post and video review were very informative. Now I am left wondering if my composite to 1600*1200LCD setup has lag hehe. That Sharp Aquos 42" LCD looks gorgeous, but way over my desired size and price. Anyone knows if the smaller ones behave as well as the 42" one once in game mode?

Huge, I couldn’t find that thread of yours!
That Benq looks alot like a PC monitor dpesn’t it ? That trusty Dell that I am currently playing on ovbiously supports DVI and VGA aswell. (played some XBox360 games on it and they looked gorgeous especially since the Box can output to standard ‘computer’ resolutions instead of just plain 720p and 1080i)

Is there a good a component to VGA box you would recommend? I was about to buy one many times in the recent past, but did not in get anything in the end since reviews I came across never bothered to make decent tests with tightly timed games like SF3…

Thanks for the help so far folks.