I didn’t know exactly where I should post this but I was wondering if there are any PS2 fight sticks that still even exist out there to buy. Or if you guys know if there is like a 360 -> PS2 converter that actually works and does still sell or even exist anyway.


PlayStation 2 Arcade Sticks are not made anymore.
You have to find old stuff.

Some HRAP on eBay for PS2 are not used.

There is no USB to anything.
USB is end of line.

So no Xbox 360 to PlayStation 2.


eBay and other online stores, mostly. You could also go to Gamestop, buy a cheap PS2 controller, and padhack it (per the diagrams on slagcoin).


Hmmm… What about Mayflash stick? xD


Hmmm… What about Mayflash stick? xD


mayflash sticks are okay. you may have to swap out the crappy stick and buttons.
also, instead of buying another stick, just padhack a ps2 controller as low as $5, as narcowski suggested