Sticky arcade stick return situation


The story starts simply. My Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex-SE stopped working out of nowhere. I used it regularly (but did not abuse it) for less than a month and the up and down directions on the stick stopped working.

Since the stick broke in such a short period of time I figured it was a defect and opted to seek returns rather than risk fixing it and there being a complex problem I couldn’t simple fix. I contacted Hori’s customer service e-mail a week ago but got no response.

Here’s where the story gets shitty. I bought the stick off of Amazon when it had the great price of around $80. It was such a good deal since it’s normally $130 so I snatched it ASAP. Since it has been now almost a week since I sent my e-mails to Hori’s customer service so I contacted Amazon to try to get some options for returns. They e-mailed me back explaining in this situation they would normally replace the item but they have none in stock so they offered me a full refund so I can buy another from one of their third-party sellers. Sounds great, but remember I purchased it for about $80, so I will only get that $80 back. So if I return it I’m basically losing money.

I’m pretty down and frustrated right now. I’d rather not do any repairs myself because knowing my luck it wouldn’t be something simple like swapping out the stick part and then I’m more screwed. What do you guys think I should do?


Wait…how will you LOSE money if Amazon is willing to give you a refund of the amount you paid for the stick?


Compared to getting a replacement from them (getting a new $130 stick). With the refund I’m getting $80 so to replace the stick I’d have to put up more of my own money.


Okay…I see what you mean.
If you want to replace it…you have to pony up extra monies.
If you want to just return it…you’ll just get the amount you paid for back.

You should ask this in Tech Talk…maybe just replace/fix the joystick.

If you plan on returning/exchanging it…don’t mess with the insides.


The joystick wire harness is probably just loose. If you can open it up without voiding the warranty (check for stickers or something), you could end up fixing it in like 5 minutes.

You could also try replacing the break-away cable if you can pull one off something else. Those can cause problems.


It’s most likely either the wiring harness or a bad PCB on the JLF. Both are really easy fixes.

Even if the Hori PCB (not the JLF PCB) is fucked up, I’d still keep it. Instead of returning it and paying more for the same stick, you could buy a new PCB that is multi console.

But yeah, if you decide to go the fixing it route, definitely consult tech talk for more information. They are cool there. Just read the stickies!


When it first stopped working I took it apart not really worrying about the warranty. I remember having the game on and pressing the actual micro-switches with my hands and nothing happening. I also tried the break away cable and that didn’t fix anything. Maybe that helps rule out some possibilities?


Did you look at the wire harness? It’s the thing with a white connector hooked to the stick’s pcb. If that jiggles and comes loose a little the stick could lose functionality.


I think that is what he meant by breakaway cable.

If the micro switches are bad, this will fix your problem:

Sanwa TP-MA PCB Assembly


Thanks for the help I’m going to try some of these methods and get back with results.


Results: So I basically just opened it up from the top and pushed some of the ribbon cables connecting he stick to the main circuit into the board. It actually started to work again but as soon as I brought it up on my lap to play it stopped working. I guess I’ll actually unscrew the circuit and see what’s under it. What I don’t understand is what I did. It looks like the ribbon cable is soldered into the board so I don’t know how pressing on them helped anything.