Sticky Character Info Threads

In case anyone here hasn’t seen the thread in fighting discussion, i’ve decided to try out an idea someone gave to help deal with the fact that srk doesn’t have any organized info anywhere.

If you take a look at the Guile forum, you’ll see a prototype for what we’re going for. There will be three sticky threads in each character forum where people can discuss strats and technical info without worrying about the thread disappearing or getting buried.

So i need everyone who gives a fuck to make one thread following the examples in the Guile forum. Just pick your favorite character and pick one of the three sticky threads in the Guile forum and make a thread just like that for your character. You can even copy and paste the text if you want. Hopefully people will start filling these threads with useful info, but for now, i’d be happy if we just got those threads created. I’ll go through and make them sticky once they’re up.

I think it’s worth a shot. If you’ve got a better idea, i’m willing to listen.

Quick Idea for General Strategy forum:

Sticky the Groove threads

Dr.B’s S Groove thread
The big P Groove thread


We’ve already got four sticky threads. Even that’s too much imo. I’ve seen forums where there are like 7 or 8 sticky threads and it’s annoying + ugly. Plus those threads are always on the front page anyway because they are so general and so many people ask questions there.

Obviously the same thing doesn’t happen with character forums cuz they are spread too thin and not enough people visit them to keep the good threads on the front page. Even then, since those threads are so specific, you kinda eventually run out of excuses to bump them, even though by all rights they should be on the front page. Still, just increasing the default limit on how long threads stay around in those forums wouldn’t help much cuz there are definately one-question threads that need to be answered and fade away. The sticky idea we’re trying to implement should work though, as long as people get with the program and get the ball rolling.

I went ahead and did some copying an pasting for 2 characters I like. I hope other people will do the same.

I’ll try to help add content myself later when I get a chance.

Before doing it for all characters, complete it for at least one.

It’s just become out of hand right now, all recent char specific threads have 1 or 0 replies. Now what’s the point of reading that?

i really like the idea…makes looking for stuff alot easier, and might help the novice players in trying to go through the forums too.

Sticky threads are glitched. The main character window where they show the last threads from all, will now only show stickied threads. Even if another one is created/posted in that isnt stickied.

btw, i created an eagle thread int he format requested… please sticky.

Yea i noticed that glitch or whatever. It kinda sucks, but it’s just the price to pay i suppose. At least once all the characters have sticky threads, that thing will let you know which ones have gotten recent posts. I stickied your Eagle thread as well as a few others i noticed. Someone let me know if i missed any.

Majestros: Sticky missing on one of the Hibiki threads. Just a heads up. :slight_smile:

Thanx, i took care of it.

i did the maki section. can you sticky it? thx

Can somebody make some sticky Sagat threads? I want to work more with the character, but I made sticky threads for another character already.

Ok, stickied Maki threads.

If nobody creates those Sagat threads a day from now, you can go ahead and do them yourself kcxj.

I guess nobody is proud of playing Sagat.

I’d do it but i’m too damn lazy and kcxj has the frame data and is better at making guides, so i nominate him. My guide would probably refer the reader to match vids of Ino or Shiro.

My Sagat is garbage. Evo is less than 2 weeks away and I still can’t beat any A-Team players at all. I put the data up and I’m going to talk about how I use each move for whatever situations, but I’m going to need somebody else with a better Sagat than mine to help with the Strategies and Match-ups.

I know you can do it guys! I believe in you!

All these days straight and no new sticky posts or replies in the threads I needed? My thanks to Maj, Buk, LTB, Texas guys, Roger, and Popo for the info they posted previously. To everybody else here (including the good players that I know who read this forum), fuck your couches… I ain’t sharing shit anymore. :lol:

if you need any help improving your eagle, you know i’m always here to help:D

what else do you need help with?


:’( I’m just not so knowledge-able about a particular character as I am with 3S… So I didnt made topics because I thought I couldnt proveide enough info with the first post… =/

DooM </3 kcxj