Sticky FAQ for each character

Is there anyway this can happen? I don’t know how many times ive told someone how to do Makoto’s karas.

I think with the release of 3s on PS2, and just in general, it would be nice to have a “READ THIS FIRST” post for each character with all the basics and then some.

I also think if this can happen, Thongboy Bebop should spearhead the operation. :tup:

Yes, TB will control the low-tier ranks. That is until I woop his ass… someday… maybe…

If I remember correctly, this has been done for the CvS2 forum. Probably have to talk to whoever is modding this area. Or I can post a thread in the premium member area to have it done.

EDIT: Yes, it has been done. Check the Guile page to see a stack of stickies.

Haha, I think we were supposed to do this like a year ago, but I decided to make movies instead. If anyone can find the 3s forum mod, I’ll post up whatever when I have time.

In the meantime, Video Opera has short FAQs for each character on their forum under “Fighting Game Guides”. CJ did part of it, so it’s pretty solid.