Sticky hands on plexi glas, any workaround?


Hi there,

the top of my next custom will be made of black plexi glas, but I’ve heard that people often get very sticky hands and feel uncomfortable. Is there any thing I can apply to the plexi that will prevent this?


make sure the plexi and your hands are clean? I just got done using a stick that has plexi on top, it’s smooth as can be, and not sticky in the slightest. The only way I can see my hands sticking to this is if my hands had something on them prior to me using the stick.


Wash yo handz niggah


Hrmmm… usually the grime feels nasty. It builds up as you play with the controller and also when you pass it along your friends during play.

Here’s a helpful link -

Read the maintenance and repair section near the bottom.

“*Maintaining a controller finish can be a lot like maintaining a car finish. Wash and wax it once in a while. For cleaning, use a clean cloth maybe slightly damped with a liquid that is not a solvent of the protective finish; polish will also clean. Some polishes contain wax, but I tend to recommend adding a layer of pure paste wax (like car wax) a few times a year. Maintenance should not be an often event. *”

Washing hands certainly does help, but the grime builds during play and also while your hands sweat.

Hope this helps.


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Just clean your hands and surface area on the plexi glass… If your palms sweat alot then just keep a mini towl beside you when playing?


you could always use a cut pair of $1 cotton gloves from ace hardware.

i use these when im drawing, the only fingers covered are my ring and pinky fingers when i draw.

if you have a plexi sticky problem you could always cut all the fingers from the gloves so they only cover the palms.

i used to have that problem with one stick i made for some reason the lexan sucked and didnt seem like it was cured right.


keep a cloth around…

i carry all my sticks around in a bag of some sort and inside every bag is a automotive microfiber glass cloth.

whenever u get a chance just wipe off our stick and ur hands :smiley:


instead of plexi, you could try getting opaque acrylic with a matte finish. I got some from tap plastics and am using that for some things on my mini arcade cab project.


hmm… maybe some people just have dirtier hands than others and have problems with sticky hands and stuff because of that. I guess I’ll just go with plexi and see what it feels like :slight_smile: thanks for your thoughts.