Sticky input on my TE 2+


I’ve had my TE 2+ stick for about 3 months now. It has worked perfectly up until last night.
Basically, whenever I tap left on the stick, the physical stick will move back to the neutral position, but the left input will be held for a seemingly random amount of time.
This basically makes the game unplayable, so if there’s anyone who has any advice, it’d be much appreciated.

I’ve also tried the stick in multiple games and on both PC and PS4, it has the same problem on everything.


take the lever apart and rotate the pcb to check if it’s one of the switches that’s the problem. if it is get a new pcb for the lever. if it keeps doing it then it’s the stick pcb which I think you can replace with a jasen ez mode.


I’d recommend opening up the case , pull the jlf pcb and clean all the switches with alcohol especially the problem child. While it’s open disassemble the stick and see if it was over greased at the factory or by previous owner. Seen that happen one too many times