Sticky joystick button

So I noticed yesterday that my sf4 TE stick had something on it, guessing it was soda. After cleaning it one of my buttons seems to be sticky, moves slow , doesn’t click. Ive opened up my stick and took the button out. without buying a new button, whats the best way to go about cleaning it?

alcohol (best is Polish or Russian)

or isoprophyl that is also quite effective

Look for the two clips around the rims that can be opened by pushing your thumbs into them. Do so, and you should be able to pop the pushbutton plunger off. Then, find all the bits of stickiness on the inside and clean them out. If you continue to have input problems, though, I suggest looking into a replacement. OBSF-30s are only a couple bucks, and you could probably find some gutted from TEs in the Trading outlet. Shipping may be a pain, though. You could always move this button to one of the KKK/PPP spots, and if it misregisters inputs, just pull the wires on it. Everyone should six-button, it’s way cooler :rock:


Regular rubbing alcohol from walmart/wherever is what I’ve been using to clean sticky buttons and controllers for years now. The higher the percentage on the bottle the faster it evaporates. I use 91% cause it’s what the walmart I go to has.

What is the best way to fix the problem if you have a PS3 controller, not a stick? My controller has sticky buttons because i tend to sweat while playing and i’d rather not open up my controller. Blowing in the controller solves the problem, but only for an extremely short time. Should i just call sony and ask if i can trade in my controller for a new one (i still have the receipt and its from less than a year ago)

i put 1 - 2 drops of rubbing alcohol and then press it furiously. don’t have it plugged up though.

Thanks for the reply but are you sure the alcohol won’t mess up other parts of the controller? I know alcohol evaporates pretty quickly but i don’t want to mess up my controller =(

as long as its not plugged in. all you’re doing is clearing up the gunk.
if you wanna be extra sure, then give it 5 minutes afterwards.

even if you get water in there it shouldn’t hurt it. what hurts it is electrical currents passing through the water and connecting things it shouldn’t.

Ya i just got my TE round 2 last week and my light punch is sticking bad. and you guys are saying rubbing alcohol will do it? or should i open’r up, and pop the button out and fix it?

I’d try this before opening it up and possibly voiding something. But you can always move it to a spot where it sees less use. Moving buttons to other spots is not hard. But if you open it up, look at my post above on how to remove the plunger. Then clean out any gunk.

Which would you recommend i do? Because I really do not want to ruin this stick :(.

First, a few drops of alcohol.

Second, open up the case, take out button, clean button.

If persists, shuffle it.

Then, consider a new button. Only $3. (Plus shipping, of course :arazz:)

Thanks buddy, I’ll give it a try.

Yo thanks a lot man, all of my buttons are working perfectly now :smiley: What i’m wondering now, can i also do this for my trigger buttons and analogs when i feel that they are getting sticky? I think the answer is yes, but im asking just in case :smiley: Thanks again btw xD

probably. seeing as how the analogs are usually a giant satellite-looking shield it should be fine. i think it would be more troublesome if the little stick itself is gunky, in which case you’d have to take the whole controller apart.