Sticky Please! ~ Roseville, CA, A-1 Comics SSFIV Tournament Date-Nov.27th!


So here it is, Roseville’s SSFIV Tournament! Get hype!

A-1 Comics SSFIV Tournament Flier

**Date : November, 27th
Time : 6PM - 9PM
Casuals : 5:30PM - 5:45PM
Console : PS3s
~Please bring your own sticks/fight pads/controllers~

Where :
A-1 Comics
818 Sunrise Ave.
Roseville, CA, 95661
(916) 783-8005**

It is conveniently located next to the I-80 Exit towards Roseville, and right next to a Wienerschnitzel for food. Parking might be tight, so please, if you can, car-pool.

If there is no parking available in the parking lot, please park at the Rite Aid across the street from the A-1 Comics store, thank you.


-All characters allowed
-Double elimination format - 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches.
-Grand finals will be 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches
-If a player loses a match in a set, they can change their character
-$7 entry fee - $5 to the pot, $2 to the venue
-70/20/10 payout

Any questions, concerns, or comments, please notify me via PM, thanks.



Tournament finished.


So far I could only get PS3s, so it’ll be mostly a PS3 event. If you can, PLEASE PM about a Xbox 360 set-up, thanks!


Oct. 9th, 2010

October 9th, 2010


1: 200 Yen ($80.50)
2: Lil Six ($23.00)
3: Romeo ($11.50)
4: Mikey
5: Red Will
5: B-Tone
7: Matt G.
7: Austin
9: Da Kid
9: Shytoo
9: Rodney
9: Revival
13: GDB
13: Raven
13: Peter
13: Saka
17: Mike
17: Edward
17: Bit Kid
17: Pan
17: Butt
25: Chris
25: Eric
25: Timbo
25: Happy Meal

Nov. 27th, 2010

November 27th, 2010


1: 200 Yen ($56.00)
2: Romeo ($16.00)
3: B-Tone ($8.00)
4: Rave
5: Pan
5: PiGuy
7: QuitRage
7: Austin
9: S2k
9: Saka
9: Bit Kid
9: Nin-Jay
13: Chase
13: BlurryThingyInUrEye
13: Ty
13: Taka-Mizu



Okay, so far, I believe I have 2 Xbox 360s, and maybe a PS3.

I also created a flier, so please, hand them out if you can!
A-1 Comics Tournament Flier


Whoops! I messed up big time! The tournament date is now TBA.


looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Alrighty guys, I have planned a date for Saturday, October 9th. You guys all down with that date?


is this confirmed?


Yes, it is confirmed.


i will do my best to show up, you set it during the time im usually working but if i cant show im sure the rest of the lantern corps will show up. if its on the 9th ill do my best to get the day off.


I finally got around in changing the dates. Remember guys, Oct. 9th! Let’s get hype!


I live in Grass Valley and I’ll come to this.


@ bitkid : Sweet, hope to see you then

@ everyone : Just a quick reminder, if there is no parking spots at the A1 Comics store, please park at the Rite Aid across from it, it’s not a far walk, so people can manage. Also, I also need 2-3 more set-ups. I have 2 confirmed, myself (Xbox 360 + TV) and H-D (PS3 + ASUS Monitor)

If anyone else can lend another 360 or PS3, that would be great, thanks!


I can loan you my xbox, i dont have a monitor thought, just let me know.


Yo I could bring a LCD and my PS3 TE stick but I don’t have a console right now.


Can you bring it please? That would be great! I hope to see you and your guys there!

That’s alright, we at least have one PS3. Also, it’ll be great if you can bring your LCD, we need monitors, and if Esco is lending me his Xbox, we can use that monitor. Thanks.


It only has HDMI inputs if thats OK.


i have a hdmi for it, and if i cant go(still waiting for my schedule to go up) ill give it to my friend whos going to take for you.


I’m definitely going to come to this. It’s my first time ever going to a tournament so what better place then right in my hometown. I have a PS3, 360, and sticks for both if you still need more.


props for throwing something together.

if my crew rolls out i can bring an asus + ps3


just out of curiosity how good are all of you? hahah i mean if you could give yourself a rating. i don’t want to meet the daigo of the area xD


lol skill levels just gotta come out and play to see where you stand