Stiffen Sanwa Buttons

I really like the feel of Seimitsu buttons, but they don’t make a solid white button to my knowledge (only the clear/white). Sanwa makes a solid white button but their buttons are ENTIRELY too sensitive for me as I tend to rest my hand on them.

Is there anyway to stiffen up a Sanwa button to feel more like a Seimitsu?? My first thought was swap microswitches, but they aren’t the same size. Any other ideas?

Seimitsu does make all White PS-14-GN though.

Where can I find them?!

If only Lizard Lick was still cool. and Canadian Joysticks if you want.

If you have a spare Sanwa laying around, you may want to try to take apart the microswitch and very gently pull the spring. This will add a tad bit of extra tension, though it may be difficult to get all the springs to the same amount. That’s why I recommend testing it out on a spare and not one that you use, because once you stretch the string to add tension you can’t really go back.

Microswitch from PS-15 line is slightly stiffer than Sanwa SW-68, but only by maybe 10g.
Get all-white PS-14-GN like jdm said.

You can drop the switches from a Seimitsu PS-14-DN or Seimitsu PS-14-DN-K (the 24mm ones) in to the 30mm sanwa. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

You’re correct. I’ve even done the opposite: dropped in Sanwa SW-68s in Seimitsu 24mm

I too prefer the Seimetsu. I actually switched all my main Punch X3 and , Kick X3 buttons back to Seimetsu from Sanwa. I would rest my hand on the buttons ever so slightly and end up sending a command button press while I was watching my friends to Ultras!

I am in canada, and I stayed clear from canadianjoysticks. That fool charges too much for shipping and he adds a handling fee on top of that. So i ordered my stuff from Focus Attack. I wanted to support local Canadian dealers but when I save $15 to get stuff shipped from the states and to get here at the same time…common wakey Ultra.

I order from FA all the time, but they don’t stock this model of button sadly.

Swapping the microswitches is the easiest thing to do…

With the 24mm buttons it really makes little difference – as long as you’re only using them for START, SELECT, and HOME – if you have PS-14D or SW-68 switches in them.

IF you’re going to use 24mm buttons as main action buttons (in older retro joysticks like the Capcom CPS fighter joysticks), you may want to us SW-68 switches. Just saying that over time, consider the punishment your fingers will take. Please take into account that pressure is higher when you reduce the area a force is acting upon… A lower resistance microswitch is definitely a better thing to have in that case.

Depending on the 30mm button, it can make a HUGE difference which switch is in it!

I find the PS-14D only stiffens the Sanwa 30mm buttons somewhat. They won’t fire off if you breathe on them but they don’t become ultra-stiff, either.

Really, with the Pearl Seimitsu buttons you won’t make them much more sensitive if you put SW-68’s into them. They seem to be made to work perfectly fine with PS-14D switches as-is.

The ultra-thin PS-15 buttons Seimitsu makes definitely benefit from switch swaps. I found them much more comfortable to use after replacing the original PS-14D switches with SW-68’s. It takes a day or so for the SW-68’s to really settle in but once they do, there’s hardly a difference between modded PS-15 buttons and OBSF-30’s.