Still can't handle my emotions


I played today and it started out alright, I handled my losses well(there were a lot) and tried to figure out what went wrong. I would lose from tick throw for example, and be able to at least point it out to myself. now i know. but later on in the day, it all went downhill. I didn’t win a single game, not even a round. well that’s ok, that can happen. but i wasn’t learning anything, i didn’t know what to do. not a clue. I dropped any combo that would have won at least one round which was the pinnacle of disappointment for me, considering the situation. but the real problem was that i was inclined to give up, i felt hopeless, like i could never figure out what’s going wrong here. it got to the point where i rejected any move that i was about to use because it probably wouldn’t be the right decision.

it hurts to lose and all but, that wasn’t the worst problem. the problem was that i missed everything i tried for, and failed to figure out what i was doing wrong. that’s the goal, but i couldn’t do it. I’m gonna post some of the matches here soon. in case some one can help me. by then i can think about them. but why do my emotions get in the way like this? how can i stop them?


This is not meant to be an insult but I have to ask, how old are you?

of course there alot of context that missing from your story.
Is this Local, online, tournament, money match?
I am assuming you are new to the scene.

There even some little things that could help, maybe your choice of controller style isn’t working for you, or you could try a different posture or grip.
As for in game, review game play videos from other players, learn from their tricks, take the time to learn the in and outs and the bigger meta.

Ether way you have one thing right, your emotions are getting in the way.
You need to let to let go of a lost, do what you need to upstairs in your head to learn and move on.
Even if it’s just the Wisdom to accept defeat from time to time. Being salty for too long isn’t healthy.

And good luck. :tup:


I’m not an amazing player (so I lose a bunch when I hop online) but when I feel completely lost or pissed I take a break for a bit (get a snack, take a shower etc.) then try to get my bearings in training mode. The goal is to stop the negative feedback loop of playing poorly, getting pissed or annoyed about it, then playing even more poorly because you’re pissed or annoyed.

You say you couldn’t figure out what was going wrong, but you also say you dropped key combos. I’d start with there. If your combos are dropping, hop into training mode and try to nail some on a dummy. If you drop combos you usually hit against a dummy, you know you’re off-kilter from an execution standpoint. Take a deep breath and start from scratch with normals, movement and basic combos. Remember what led to you getting tagged in your last match in a general sense more than specific instances (Jumped too much, didn’t block low enough, couldn’t escape pressure etc.), think about how you could avoid it in the future, then forgive yourself for messing up and let it pass. Don’t beat yourself up. You’re not a robot, and you won’t be the same every time you fire up the game. Some days you will be on point more than others.


Hey dude.

I see you are back at this. If you haven’t gotten over it you wont. Just give in. When your emotions get the bets of you just let them out, scream and shout and swear and cry. Whatever. Maybe you are trying to hard to bottle them up and that’s getting in your head more.

Until you get over it you won’t progress. Why do you even want to play fighters. At some point you need to just accept that you are bad and move on. Either give up because staying mentally stable is probably more important. Or take that knowledge and grow.

You mention the tick throw. Do you know how to even deal with that. If not, Google that specific fault. Go into the training mode. Have the dummy hit you with the button into tick that is stuffing your game. And practice what the internet says is the way out of it. Then go online and get wrecked by it some more. At some point you will either start reacting to it and handling it like you are meant to. Or you wont. There is no other option. A wise man once said. Do, or do not, there is no try.

Stating you lost a game because you dropped combos but then not knowing what to do is showing you aren’t taking anything away from your loses.
If you are dropping combos there is an easy fix, don’t drop combos. Straight forward. That’s all t takes. Just don’t drop them. And if you want to know how to not drop them. That’s an easy answer too. You practice them offline in training mode. Then go online and drop them some more. Eventually you will either start not dropping them or you will keep dropping them. No other way for it to go. But it takes practice. And keep in mind that the lag online will effect how your combos go. So if it makes you feel better you can blame the few frames of delay for the problem. Just keep in mind that if you don’t pay attention to what you are doing you will drop a combo, so at some point you will have to adapt your offline timing to what works online.

Try easy combos. Or scrap combos all together. I am willing to bet you are getting destroyed every time you try initiate a combo. Perhaps focus more on blocking. Get your blocking on point. Then when you block something find what works as a retaliation option. Then start moving around more. And when you are able to move and somebody tries to hit you and misses, you are open to land a fast hit on them. Forget winning. Give up on trying to win because you can’t because you are a scrub. Just live with it. Focus more on fixing what is getting you smashed. Then the next thing then the next thing. Eventually you will be losing but after you have taken more of your opponents health. Remember that combos are used to make the most of a situation. They aren’t the core of the game.

Find yourself a training partner. If you have no friends near by or friends at all then every time you play somebody, send them a PM (learn how to do that if you can’t) and tell them directly that you suck at the game and you think they are great. Then ask them if they wouldn’t mind spending half an hour with you in training mode. Chances are most will call you a bitch. Let them and ignore it and move on. One will eventually say yes ( I would). You can go into training mode together if your game allows it and just go at it. Then message him and ask why he is beating you. He will be able to tell you what part of your game he is taking advantage of and abusing. And tell you how to adapt. You need to then listen and do what he says. When your time is up. Say GGs and thank you. And go on. Every person you face, send them a PM. When the next guy bites just repeat the process. Put in the hours.

Give up on wanting to win. Your drive to win when you can’t is breaking your brain.

Post those videos ASAP. And let everybody rip you apart.

There is nothing to it man. If all else fails go to therapist. You might just have a problem you need to take care of. You aren’t going to win for free man. It takes a lot.