Still has bugs or does my network suck?

I don’t know if this is the right place to post, if someone want’s to move it that’s fine by me. But I was wondering if people were still having problems with HDR (at least the PS3 version). Even with the patch my buttons got remapped once (way better than before, but I still have to check them to make sure). Sometimes I have restart HDR because I’ll DC on anyone that tries to join my game, or any games that I try to join. This is really bad when I go into a game room with 3-6 slots. It’ll kick everyone everyone except my next opponent and me, then if I’m not fighting right away it’ll make the two of us fight. But before we can even begin a match I’ll DC. Button remapping doesn’t bug me as much as having to restart HDR to get online matches. But the online thing might be a network issue and not an issue with the game itself. What do you guys thing?

Yeah it’s pretty bad. It got so laggy that I almost a tournament with out even fighting cause it’ll boot my opponents out. It’s not just you, it’s the whole PSN.

Yeah it’s buggy, but there was a big improvement in ranked and friendly quick matches. The problems are still there though, but you can play a load of matches before your game starts dcing on you.

xbl sthd can is buggy too but it’s wayyyy less buggier then psn sthd. Even after the patch on psn I get dc’ed from psn half the time and then can’t find a match till i quit n restart:rofl:

Since I last made a post I’ve been trying to keep a mental note of what’s been happening. (My suitemate would love to give me his talk about false memories). Anyway, it’s good to know that I’m not crazy. But I agree with everyone else. It’s better. I made that post after a really bad night of losing my button mapping, repeated DCs and having to restart HDR several times. It’s way better than it was before, though.

Yeah it’s much better after the patch.