Still Have trouble zoning...HELP!

OK, I saw the video on Zoning/Footsies. It’s a great video, but I’m still stumped on zoning because I’m not sure what to do in each zone:

Zone 1:Up close. Do I use crouching normals in this range or should I just prepare for option select throws?
Zone 2:Sweep Range. I know fireballs are safe here. But not sure what else to do.
Zone 3:Outside Sweep Range. I know NO fireballs here. But a lot of people expect me to throw one. What should I use instead?
Zone 4:1 Dash forward from Full screen. Fireballs OK here, but real tough for me to bait jumps. Any suggestions?
Zone 5: Full screen. Fireballs definitely OK, but again, don’t know what else to do.

BTW, I’m using Ryu.

Can anyone help me with this please?

zone 1: throws, 2-in-1’s and blockstrings are your friend here.
zone 2: -> Fireball is always good, fireballs here are used as a poke really.
zone 3: Fireballs are safe to throw here, but if the opponent predicts or reacts quickly enough they can jump in, so not a good idea.
zone 4: Fireballs work great here, a great think to do is, throw a hp fireball then a lp fireball, then wiff a normal. Then repeat, once you see them react to it in their favor, mix it up with different fireball speeds and different numbers of fireballs before you wiff a normal to confuse them.
Zone 5: same as 4 but fireball spam is 100% safe against most characters.

he is right JUST beware of chars like gouken or akuma, they have demon flips that go all over the screen and if thwy have meter theyll use it.

Zone 2-3 is an interesting zone, waiting and reacting to what the other opponent does is quite effective with ryu, since you can push them back wtih your C.MK xx Fireball, and you can DP on reaction any jump-ins.

Your options here though are Pokes/Sweeps. FA can counter or give your some momentum against the Pokes/Sweeps. Jump-ins when you bait a poke and a sweep works really well with Ryu’s Huge damage combo. You can also Use F.HP to stop FA’s against yourself.

What are 2in1s for Ryu? I never know what to do in Zone 1.

And what should I do in Zone 3? I always throw fireballs on instinct and it’s so dumb because they just jump over them and punish me. What should I be doing instead?

Zone 3: This is pretty tough with Ryu. I would probably dash/jump back to zone 4 or maybe wiff a few quick normals to see what they do. So, something like cr. short repeated a couple of times, then if they get close, throw/srk, if they get further away, fireball, and if they do nothing either get far yourself or repeat.

EDIT: Oh yeah, also I just though of something. Depending on the game, Ryu sometimes has a fake fireball. In HDR this is qcf short, in A3 this is qcf taunt, I don’t know of any other games, but if you’re playing them, fake fireball is perfect for here. Fake fireball, they jump in, srk.

Honestly that zoning tutorial is a little sketchy. The “zones” are good building blocks but they’re too simple and not really that practical. I’ll give you an example: In zone 5, its safe to throw full screen fireballs, but anybody can just avoid them all by jumping straight up over them, or focus backdash all of them for revenge meter. You only need to throw fireballs from here in certain matches to fight fireball wars, but you shouldn’t aim to be in that range. You want to throw fireballs in the first place to get people to jump into your DPs. You NEED to be in zones 2/3/4 for this.

Also, you can’t say NOT to throw fireballs in zone 3. Why are you cutting yourself off from your best move just because the opponent MIGHT jump? That never stopped Ryu from throwing a shitload of fireballs. The problem is you know from this range the opponent is ALWAYS looking to jump over a fireball, but good Ryus throw fireballs from this range all the time.

Read this, see if it helps at all:

well is the link for this vid still up? I usually use chun in whatever game, but she has a fireball.

Abel and Chun can hit you ultras from full screen away. They have to time it correctly, but its pretty easy to react to full screen fireballs. - fireball is NOT a true link. If your foot hits from a far distance, the hado will not combo. Against someone who understands spacing, they can focus through the fireball and punish.

When working your zoning, try not to just walk back and forth. Throw out some random standing jabs and light kicks. Just walking makes it look like you’re scared and like you’re not doing anything threatening. But standing jabs and light kicks… though not dangerous, at least it looks like you’re working for something. Sometimes, you will be able to sneak out a few fireballs from punishable ranges if you are setting up fireballs with whiffed jabs and kicks. Its all about mind games. - Curiosity of Maj footies guide. It might not sound like its complicated, but it works. Even with ken and his fireball is garbage.