Still humming the bassline: Jet Set Radiooooo (discussion/information thread)

I can’t be the only one here that still loves/plays/played this game. Everything about it was awesome: The art, the characters, the graffiti, the music, all of it. It was like a moving comic book and both versions of the game are amazing (DC JSR and XBox JSRF). And maybe since Sega is doing Sonic right and (maybe, hopefully) porting VF:FS to console they can dig into their DC catalog and resurrect this one. I know there was one in works for the Wii and it was looking beautiful but whoever had it was shut down or the project was canned or both.

Also, I would love to have a “garage” like in JSRF. That thing was massive for whatever reason and they had EVERYTHING. That’s some shit I’d build instead of a house :looney:

What’s everyone’s favorite song/stage/character/parts/whatever about it? I know people have fond memories.

If anyone was wondering the names/artist of any of the songs I’m listing them. If anyone wants them let me know, I got them all.

Music listing:

Tracks from the US version of Jet Grind Radio:

  1. “Humming the Baseline” - Hideki Naganuma
  2. “Improvise” - Jurassic 5
  3. “Let Mom Sleep” - Hideki Naganuma
  4. “'Bout the City” - Reps
  5. “Dragula” - Rob Zombie
  6. “Electric Tooth Brush” - Toronto
  7. “Everybody Jump Around” - Richard Jaques
  8. “Funky Radio” - B.B. Rights
  9. “Grace and Glory” - Hideki Naganuma
  10. “Just Got Wicked” - Cold
  11. “Magical Girl” - Guitar Vader
  12. “Miller Ball Breakers” - Deavid Soul
  13. “Mischievous Boy” - Castle Logical
  14. “Moody Shuffle” - Hideki Naganuma
  15. “O.K. House” - Idol Taxi
  16. “On the Bowl” - Deavid Soul
  17. “Patrol Knob” - Mix Master Mike
  18. “Rock It On” - Hideki Naganuma
  19. “Slow” - Professional Murder Machine
  20. “Sneakman” - Hideki Naganuma
  21. “Super Brothers” - Guitar Vader
  22. “Sweet Soul Brother” - Hideki Naganuma
  23. “That’s Enough” - Hideki Naganuma
  24. “Up-Set Attack” - Deavid Soul
  25. “Yappie Feet” - Deavid Soul
  26. “Yellow Beam” - F-Fields

Song listing from JSRF US version:

  1. Humming the Baseline (DS Mix) Hideki Naganuma RB Deavid Soul
  2. Aisle 10 Scapegoat Wax
  3. The Answer (LB Remix) Bran Van 3000 RB Latch Bros
  4. Baby T Guitar Vader
  5. Birthday Cake Cibo Matto
  6. Bokfresh Richard Jacques
  7. The Latch Brother Bounce Latch Brothers
  8. Fly Like A Butterfly Hideki Naganuma
  9. The Concept Of Love - Hideki Naganuma
  10. Funky Dealer Hideki Naganuma
  11. Shape Or Future Hideki Naganuma
  12. Statement Of Intent BIS
  13. Koto Stomp Latch Brothers
  14. Count Latchula Latch Brothers
  15. Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Remix) Hideki Naganuma RB Richard Jacques
  16. I Love You Love You (Love Love Super Dimension Mix) Guitar Vader RB Hideki Naganuma
  17. Rockin The Mic (Latch Brothers Remix) The Prunes RB Latch Brothers
  18. I’m Not A Model Russel Simins
  19. Oldies But Happies Hideki Naganuma
  20. Me Likey The Poom Poom Latch Brothers
  21. Rock It On (DS Mix) Hideki Naganuma RB Deavid Soul
  22. The Scrappy (Latch Bros Remix) BS2000 RB Latch Brothers
  23. Sneakman (Toronto Mix) Hideki Naganuma RB Toronto
  24. Ill Victory Beat Latch Brothers
  25. What About The Future Richard Jacques
  26. Teknopathetic Hideki Naganuma
  27. Like It Like This Like That Hideki Naganuma
  28. Sweet Soul Brother (BB Rights Mix)- Hideki Naganuma RB BB Rights
  29. That’s Enough (BB Rights Mix) Hideki Naganuma RB BB Rights
  30. Grace And Glory (BB Rights Mix) Hideki Naganuma RB BB Rights

Didn’t think I’d see a Jet Set thread here.

  • I really liked the song choice in JGR/JSR rather than JSRF.

  • Liked Mew, before she got that remodel in the sequel :wasted:

  • Route 99/Sky Dragon Square/Benton-cho are my favourites, I’m a fan of the night stages.

  • Loved making my own grafitti too.

One of my favourite series for sure.

Honestly, I like JSR more than the sequel if only for the extra 3 stages and the graffiti mechanic. I liked the fact that you had to actually do something to put the paint up rather than just click the R-Trigger but the police in JSRF were really OA so things would’ve been damn near impossible. Plus, Jurrasic 5.

The night stages are awesome. The Skyscraper district and Pharaoh Park blew my mind. I can’t imagine something like that existing anywhere IRL. I’d imagine at least some parts of Air Gear were inspired by that (I mean the series was inspired by this game)

Oh and DJ Professor K = greatest ever. Even if he would be an old ass man in a new game.

I still listen to Bokfresh, Ill Victory Beat, Aisle 10, That’s Enough (JSF version), never finished JSRF game is so long!

I got this game for Dreamcast and still play it often.

u should go back and finish JSRF its an awesome game. my favorite level i htink was the park with the roller coaster on it that you could grind on the rails omg i would go there just to do tricks and jump off and stuff so much fun. the first one was better though how it would make u do motions and such to do the grafitti but the second one had so many new characters. god zero beat or whoever the alien guy was a pain to unlock lol.

Why would you make a thread like this man? I fucking hate you dog. I love these games.

Thank God Sega hasn’t forgotten it completely as Beat is in next week’s Sonic and Sega All Star Racing along with three stages based of levels from JSRF.

JSRF is my favorite because of the level design but I too miss manual spraying. JSR worked on a ‘stop and escape’ mechanic where JSRF was about ‘constant movement’. Some how both should be mixed and then…

Thrown into an online game with customizable characters where you can form your own gangs within a tokyo-to five times as large.

Yup, I love Jet Set Radio. It was the first 3D platformer I ever played where I thought “yup, 3D games can be as fun as 2D ones.”

In fact, my next “Let’s Play”-style series of vids (after I’ve finished my Valkyria Chronicles ones at Youtube [Valchronification] ) is going to be of Jet Set Radio. I’ll ‘Jet’-grade every stage for da fans, and show the infinite grinds.

I recently got a DC from a friend of mine to look after, so it has been such a pleasure replaying this. Actually makes me occasionally whoop with joy when something particularly spectacular happens! Such an exhilerating game. And takes real skill to master too. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can be very frustrating, bumping into things, and missing grinds. But once you work out the mechanics (most importantly the angle you jump off grinds depending on what speed you’re doing and how you aim the analogue), then you can just fly, baby.

re: the music, well let’s just say that this is also the game that got me into hip hop music! I was at university and surprised that not everyone there was into guitar music like me, and then I hear Jurassic 5 on Grind City and I’m like “what… what IS THIS!!!”

And also: “Will you stop playing with that radio of yours… I’m trying to get some sleep… YAAAAY! dum da-da dum! Will you stop… wi-wi-will you stop… I’m tryin to get… I’m tryin to get… I’m will you-will you stop AAAA…”

sickest track on there if you ask me! gotta love that old lady british accent!

EDIT: although it wasnt all about the hip hop of course, that’s the beauty of it, and you gotta love that “Super Brother” song. Also, the lyrics to that other rock tune are sooooo clearly written by a japanese guy? “Not bad, I don’t think they’re bad… even if sometimes they act so mad… the guys in town, that are hangin around, don’t you know they’ll never let you downnn!!”

… What? Since when were guys who “hang around in town” particularly reliable?

They had a lot of really good j-rock and underground stuff. Even Cold, who’s style I didn’t think would fit, was awesome in the game.

And until this game, I was all about Pac and Biggie and all the gangsta shit but when I heard Jurassic 5, I was introduced to the underground. Or rather, it was blown wide open to me beyond just the mixtapes and battles of old.

Also, an homage to Humming the Bassline from Air Gear: [media=youtube]X1SVqmU5ai0[/media]

Yeah, the lyrics to some of the songs were really weird. Cibo Matto is strange as hell.

I saw that Beat was in some of the games. I know he’s in the Tennis one, but what levels are those tracks inspired by? I might have to check this out if it’s any good and if it’s on DS or on the consoles other than Wii.

I agree on the skill point. There’s some things in Future where the system is really picky. Especially the grinding the N, E, W, S gates. If you don’t do it EXACTLY how they want, it won’t work. Also, if you (I think) try to switch tricks too fast, you won’t be able to do anymore, and that means no more speed on rails.

I fucking love Technopathetic…

I really enjoyed making my own graffiti too, but Iv’e only played the sequel, seeing the commands as you do the graffiti on the first one makes me wanna buy it.

JSRF is one of my favourite 3D platformers. It had great cell-shaded graphics and cool art style to match. The gameplay was fun and based around exploration without being too “open world”. The soundtrack’s mix of hip-hop, electronica, and J-pop was awesome too. It’s one of the few video game soundtracks that I still listen to regularly.

Never played the original on DC but from videos it looks pretty good considering its age.

Sega really needs to revive this series and Panzer Dragoon.

awww man this makes me remember those weekend afternoons where you would just hope on the dreamcast, check your sega email account, surf the web( at the time i didnt have a pc yet so this shit was straight piff) feed my sonic pet and hope on jsr

Just embarked on a new game with JSRF yesterday. Each time I play this game, it never seems to get old. After taking a gander at JGR, I wished I had a Dreamcast to play it on in spite of its age. The music is nothing less than incredible; I have the entire JSRF soundtrack with a few tunes from JGR. I still listen to Birthday Cake, What About the Future, I’m Not a Model, The Answer, Bokfresh, That’s Enough (both versions), Yappie Feet, On the Bowl, Super Brothers, and Yellow Bream.

Chapters 2 and 4 are a blast to play every time. Music selection was great; interludes were captivating; and the environments are definitely my favorite; exploration was immensely fun.

I’ve wanted a sequel to this gem for the longest. :sad:

A flawless series. Like literally, I cant think of one thing that was a fatal error in making the game not perfect.

Understand the concept of love!

Pharoah park FTW. Both are among my favorite games but I got a lil sick of shibuya station after backtracking through it so many times and dj’s white hair in JSRF:rofl:

i haven’t played jsrf yet, but i loved jgr.

they should release jsrf on the marketplace.

Sega should re-release JSR games…1st day purchase for me.

BTW, what is the name of the song playing during the first mission of JSR? I didn’t hear it in the OST…and it’s my favorite in the game.

[media=youtube]pGV1hqHQMgc[/media] at 1:10? All the levels have a mix so it’d be kind of hard to pinpoint but every area has a distinct mix.

Im taking this from an FAQ on GameFAQ’s but this is the track list based on the area:

Shibuya GG - Deavid Soul - Up-Set Attack, Hideki Naganuma - That’s Enough,
Richard Jacques - Everybody Jump Around

Love Trap - Deavid Soul - Up-Set Attack, Hideki Naganuma - That’s Enough,
Richard Jacques - Everybody Jump Around

The Monster of Kogane - Reps - 'Bout the Cidy, Guitar Vader - Magical Girl,
Castle Logical - Mischievous Boy

Benten Boogie - Deavid Soul - Miller Ball Breakers, BB Rights - Funky Radio

My fave game right here. Getting pots after busting to get jet on all the stages was really great since he had infinite life and such, really fun to play.

best song was the one by Cold, fit the story when the song debuted. I can talk for hours about this game.

I never really played jsrf since i never had it, the times i did it wasnt as fun since everything was too big and there were no command graffiti the times i played it. Didnt like the designs either, they screwed up the noise tanks man

JSR is my favorite game of all time. Beat it in one sitting:tup:. I always used Yo-Yo/Pirahna/Gum because their graffiti ratings were the highest. Always get Jet ranking with those characters.