Still motivated to hit the lab?

This is true as well. There is a reason that most games you see that are patched constantly are PC only products.

If you play MMOs, you’re used to patches. As such, my interest is the same. If anything patches make me want to hit the lab even more because now I can/have to change up how I play.

I remember when a Capcom rep (maybe Svensson, I dunno) was asked a few things in a news point on eventhubs. One of the things put to him was that Sentinel was too good, and the guy replied that Sentinel has several viable counter-picks. So it seems less likely that it was a caving in to feedback.

Could be that it was something to make him a less of an obvious team staple.

As a “general” MvC3 player, one that makes up a fraction the general populous of players, I feel that whining and wringing your hands about what Capcom did and will do in the future is a ridiculous course of action.

In regards to the topic: I’m not good enough to make developments in this game that could change it’s landscape. If there are still pros producing new videos chock full of shit I could never dream of executing (on a 360 pad at least) I’m fine with the overall state of the game and have enough evidence that the game is still “worth it”.

I go to the “lab” to refine the rudimentary combos I have learned.

As for the Sent nerf: get over it. A truly “good” player, one who’s words should carry merit when it comes to making change, will find ways to either get around it or find way to show it hasn’t affected them.

Yeah, we paid good money for this game. And we got about 60 bucks worth of a game, 70$ bucks with Jill/Shuma. Ho much it hurts your wallet is up to how long you choose to play the game. I’m going to get my money’s worth from this title, happily.

And guess what… Capcom can and will do something like this again. No amount of bitching will stop or undo what they’ve done (unless what they’ve done has really, really, hurt the game.)

Less incentive for me to learn characters because who knows if they are going to be nerfed in a few months time?

I don’t think it’s a matter of whether we’re motivated to hit the lab or not. We still will regardless of what happens patch-wise. It’s just annoying when things you’ve practiced for the upcoming ranbat/tournament/casual event stop being useful because of a major change each month. It also hurts when it’s something with a decent execution barrier that’s removed (e.g. Spencer loop).

I’m sure you can appreciate this coming from a pad player then - because you dream of these high-execution combos. Thing is, if you finally get that down and then a patch comes over to mess it up, it’ll be mad annoying. Or could also think of it as them patching out one of your BnBs; definitely a huge change. You’ll still go back to the lab, but the premise is that the game should be the same for x period of time so that new things can be figured out with what was programmed in the first place.

A counter argument would be Capcom making it into the game they envision by monthly updates like an MMO. But it is a bit of a slippery slope because the people who QQ (this is the general public casual players) ultimately will feel that they have a say in what is OP and lowtier. Capcom’s profits are based on these players so they are forced to cater to them in some shape or form.

TLDR: Hit the lab and hope Capcom doesn’t release monthly patches for things that aren’t game-breaking. Patches are fine for stuff like infinites and glitches otherwise.

That aside one month is a long time.

Knowing that Sentinel got nerfed doesn’t make me fear for the characters on team being nerfed, as I haven’t seen nearly enough, or for that fact anyone, complain about anything consistently about Morrigan or Iron Man.

Actually, that said, I do hear fairly often that Iron Man’s Proton Cannon XFC Proton Cannon is a douchetacular thing to do.

Either way, at least the game is being supported still. I can think of a few games that I played from day 1 that were never patched, despite people complaining louder than anything I’ve seen on here.

Good points. I would be pretty pissed if they effed with Spencer’s BnBs. But, yeah, they removed Spence’s loop, is he less of a threat without it?

I get you though, changes should be implemented with permanence in mind, not with the possibility of change in a few months.

It’s not a bug it’s a feature. :rofl:

Seriously though I hope this is the end of “balance” patches at least for a long time. Patch infinites? I guess so. I was actually curious since I hadn’t seen mention of it but does Deadpools loop (inifinite?) still work? Game breaking glitches? Yup, this is the first console generation where we’ve really had the ability to patch out fatal flaws and should take every advantage of this regardless of how unlikely they are to come up in actual gameplay. DHC glitch? I’m more curious how this came about programming wise than in getting rid of it as it seems like if intentional it could have been an attempt to allow hypers to DHC into non-hitting hitting (power-up) hypers and allow the player to continue the combo. Obviously the execution if it was in fact intentional got kind of cocked up. If unintentional then I have no idea how something like this happens but since it isn’t game breaking (i.e. it doesn’t render the game into an unplayable state) then I’d say to leave it alone.

Balance patches don’t make me fear practice. If you where good with Sent before you should still be good with him, your just restricted to pretty much the same amount of mistakes as everyone else in the cast. People act like he only has 500k health or something. I think its great that capcom somewhat cares enough for them to make changes. They might not be perfect but no one can deny all they heard when the game came out was how Sentinal ruins the game. In every team thread the answer to every question “who should be my third”, PICK SENTINAL!! Now he has pro’s and cons that might lead you to a different character which i think is great for the game.

This is hilarious I agree! In mvc2 people would always be like who is a good supporting character with xx everyone is like tron with projectile assist. Who is a good support character with xxxx? Sent. ground assist ha its like…yea…NO SHIT those are good that doesnt mean I wanna put them in every class ha

I support sent. getting nerfed. I support him staying how he was to. Plain and simple I dont care. I dont understand why so many of you get hyped up over the character who has some of the most powerful attacks with basic combos, more health than anyone else AND SUPER armor getting tamed down some. I think the only ones that get mad are the people that live for that sent. shit.

If Iron Man would have got nerfed would you be so hyped up as you are? If Mag got nerfed would you be hyped up as you are? I dont think so, I think when you take away peoples “overpowered” character they just get mad. I am in support of Dark Phoenix and Sentinel NOT HAVING xfactor.

They dont want infinites in their game no surprise when they remove it.

By the way, high level players picked Sentinel for his assist, not for his XF3, although that was a bonus.
He’s lost health - hurting his assist effectiveness more than his on-point performance.
Scrubs were getting owned by XF3 because they couldn’t block. Scrubs will still get owned by XF3 Sentinel.

XF is the problem. Sentinel’s damage herp-derp was also pretty lame at times. His health was not the main concern.
People supporting the health nerf this early and without merit… YJDK

would it be a good idea to make of x-factor activate only if all your characters are at 35% health and only recover the red health?

x factor healing doesnt apply to characters that are switched out does it?

either way I’d save it for when i hit a combo so i can use it to the fullest potential, or use it to save my point from chip damage depending on how far they’re behind/ahead in character count

I guess Sent got patched this fast because he was the last announced character of the game unveiled after it went gold and so they lacked some play test.

Please, the XF will not change, shut up about it, all they can do is nerf some characters in the damage or health department, and remove some infinites…

Wonder how Capcom feels about Xfactor also giving death loops to certain characters then…

why are infinites such a big deal for some people? why don’t you just learn some nice combos instead?
oh i forgot, people would sell their mother to win a ranked match

Why should I learn x fighting game when they’ll just change everything in x fighting game version y in a few months?

Turn of the millenium Capcom fighters had monstrously extended life cycles, generally most fighters are “obsolete” long before people have completely exploited them, all of MvC2’s predecessors included.