Still playing? interested in an event?


I posted an idea for a yearly event just for the older games. Trying to get an idea of real interest for one. I posted it in fgd but it seemed largely overlooked. Anyways, ill copy it below, any thoughts appreciated!


Lately, I have been considering throwing a specialized or classic only fighting game tournament for individuals that still love and enjoy games a generation prior(sometimes more then one lol).

I want to do something for the comunity that I grew with and give these games a legacy tournament ala x mania for st or dcc for vs.

The question is though: is there enough interest to make it “worth” everyones time? Are there enough of us still around to make the event worthwhile?

The main games I was looking at are cvs2, 3s, mvc2 and st. Id love to host more if possible (vs, jjba ggac+r, etc).

Id love to hear everyones thoughts or advice.

P.s. This is a classic fighting game group I started on fb, feel free to join if interested.


I’d be interested in this event. It would be great to have an alternative to Evo every year for those of us who won’t compromise to play the newest shit shoveled our way.



One thing I noticed, its much harder to get ahold of the cvs2 guys than other crews (mvc2, st, vs etc) is there a cvs2 forum or fb group where we could try to spread the message better?


There isn’t. Unfortunately, there is no unified national cvs2 scene anymore. There are cvs2 players in NYC and maybe Maryland, and there are a couple dozen of us in NorCal who still play. Nobody’s really stepped up and tried to bring everybody together.

I’m closely watching what happens with next year’s CEO. Jebailey is including cvs2 as a main game, and I’d love to see that succeed.


The mvc2 scene as really come together under facebook groups, perhaps cvs2 could use it too. I have my group for fighting game classics now but, i guess having a cvs2 only group couldnt hurt


Has that led to more events/local gatherings? That’s really what cvs2 needs going forward, players that get together and play locally on a regular basis.


Yeah definitely, they are discussing the game, setting events, streaming. Just playing most importantly, not letting the community die off slowly.


I went ahead and started a group for the diehard cvs2 community as I think it will do a lot of good to have one just for you guys just like the mvc2 crew has one:

Join up!


If you’re in norcal watch up in the coming months, all I’m saying.


I am in Tampa but, Ill still watch anyways haha


Good move to start the FB page. I’ll be watching it to see how things go, and I’ll be watching for your event too Mizuki. Holiday season is rough for me because of travel, but I’ll make it out if I can.


Thanks. I am sure there are more players around that could join, I just dont know where else i could post it really.


Thanks for putting up the capcom vs snk 2 fb page half-ro.

This battle is about to explode FIGHT!.
Live and let die FIGHT!.
Go for broke FIGHT!