Still possible to buy SFV Capcom Cup DLC on PC?


As title states, can you buy the SFV Capcom Cup DLC bundle on PC? I don’t remember ever seeing it up. Some other place said the bundle goes away in November but on Steam I can’t see it anywhere


They are taking down all the CPT 2016 items sometime at the end of November before CapCup.

IIRC they weren’t putting up the bundle on PC, just the individual items. Probably has to do with the CPT partnership with Sony and them saying PS4 only


You could never buy the bundle on PC. All you can do is buy the individual items (the stage and the three costumes) but you’ll never get the EX colours that go with them.
And yes, you can still buy those items for now.


You can never buy the colors or even the titles? That’s fucking jank as hell. Why is Capcom such a fuckup?


The CPT is sponsored by the PS4 so it makes sense that they make some PS4 exclusive content sadly.


those few extra colors can be modded in easily


Because Sony helped create SF5 and sponsor the CPT.

It’s more of a Sony thing than a Capcom thing. Get mad at Sony, if anything.


its still capcoms game. so you can blame both when you want to.
i would be surprised when they dont offer the costume and stage next year again.


They already said both won’t be available for purchase anymore from November on.


Maybe we can see a discount next month before the CPT finals.


maybe, tho I wouldn’t count on it from these greedy bastards. Even if they do I’ve decided I’m skipping these personally.


they just said they take them down in november.
they never claimed they will not come back in the future.

its capcom…as if they will not try to sell them next year again.


yeah. It’d be weird for them to stop selling the Ring of Destiny but keep using it in CPT top 8s. Unless they put out a new Ring of Destiny for next year.


I wouldn’t expect a discount or anything of the such. Knowing Capcom the ability to purchase the content will be gone without a trace come the fated November date. The prices of some of the content is absolute ludicrous. $3.99 for a “Premium” costume should entail some form of particle effects, but for a simple alternate it’s far too much. Characters costing $5.99 is debatable but I seriously can’t defend the CPT Costumes being the same price as full characters– regardless of the fact that SOME of the proceeds go to CPT funding. Maybe I’m just spoiled, but I miss the costume bundles.