Still showing our spots



Sup, I was going through the showing our spots sticky and I noticed majority of the guys on there dont even main adon anymore so if ya main adon and you’re on xbl or psn leave ya info so we can get some games in sometime.

XBL: Jaggamindtricks
Loc: Bama, U.S

Location - UK
XBL - Sigh1986

PSN: Durant 27
Location: Nassau, The Bahamas

XBL: fighter4hire90


also please can people add where they are? there is nothing worse than just adding someone and finding it was a complete waste of time due to timezones and lag!

Location - UK
XBL - Sigh1986


Not meaning to intrude but why dont you make the thread to replace the old one since it needed updating. I mean having the PSN users put up their PSN’s names as well.


You make a very good point


In that case, if you dont mind, just copy everyone’s post in your initial post.

PSN: Durant 27
Location: Nassau, The Bahamas
NB (Consider me to be in Florida since we are very close).

BTW, nice XBL name. :slight_smile:


XBL: fighter4hire90

Add my gamertag anybody that has xbox and wants to play




XBL: With No Cost
Location: Northwest USA


PSN fuk_u_i_blo_loud