Still training with dudley?



Hello! I posted here awhile back with a different video of me playing dudley for the first time and here is one where I am starting to take the bad ass online!
I still need some help hit confirming and then maximizing off my combos! Critique is welcome and please tell me where I am messing up! I am tired of playing shoto’s, even though I love them they have no class like Dudley! The video I am linking is a ranked match against another dudley (I am the purple one or Leftshoe for names)
The dudley I was playing against obviously had a better understanding of maximizing his damage but I think I was able to get into his head and bate things and make things go my way! Thank you in advance for the help!


I’ll try, even though I’m not as good as most Dud’s on here.

I hate to sound mean, but I honestly think the other Dudley was a much better player than you despite losing. Most of your stuff was landed randomly - I also wouldn’t have been expecting you to spam the shit out of jab 10/10 times while trying to frame trap you through a clearly semi laggy game. He also always at least TRIED to transfer damage into a combo, barely used meter ineffeciently, landed a couple successful FA’s, much better footsie game through max range pokes…Idk. He just seemed much more solid. To me, it doesn’t matter if you miss the combo online. Online is supposed to be for practice - it’s fine to miss your combos, you’re just trying to get used to doing them I was really surprised to see you take it at the end because he was getting drowned out by the jab spam and couldn’t figure it out.

To me, you were just a very random player.


Yeah man, its all good I like the support, Im new to him so I am trying to get as much critique as I can. I am starting to get better at using jab as a hit confirm so I can then combo into a mgb or other stuff. and TuT is awesome! It has helped me out. I think I get to anxious and end up messing up my inputs. I am also starting to get the combo after ex mgb as well. Thanks for the input though. Also I am trying to get out of the shoto groove, I played them for so long just so I can try to understand the game and I honestly love the style of dudley I think he is really cool and worth learning


Thank god, a newbie that can take some critisism.

Honestly, you should start on more useful combos that end in either mgb if you don’t have meter, or ex mgb if you do. For example,>c.lp>>mgb. The reason why stuff like that works so well is if your opponent is mashing and you miss the link, the difference in frames is so little that you’ll usually score a CH. It’s almost like making a frame trap, but it’s really just a messed up combo input. Obviously if they’re blocking they’ll just block, but then both of you will be at neutral again if you use l.mgb - NOT EX. NEVER EX UNLESS YOU KNOW IT’LL LAND.

I’m really stoned, so let me just paraphrase what the fuck I just said.

Stop doing jabjabjabsweep. Start doing>c.lp>>mgb (or ex if you has the meter). Also start doing>>mgb (same thing). It’ll up your game dramatically. I promise.

If this stuff is too hard for you, I suggest an easier character. My nigga E-Ryu is really newbie friendly imo. His combos are easy (s.hp xx axe kick > c.lp >l.tatsu>srk does about 400 damage if I remember correctly. Meterless too). You get access to a projectile, which is huge if you want to understand zoning. And he’s a fucking shoto. Shotos always have pretty even match-ups across the board, so you won’t have to worry to much about being at a disadvantage due to character choice.


Ahah thanks man! I appreciate it, also E ryu is my off guy he really isnt that hard to use, and as for dudley im starting to understrand what you are saying. I am working my way up I can do in mgb affectivly and get some damage and I have been using into ex mgb into the duck thing with the upper cut thanks for that! over all I know it has only been like a day but I am starting to better understand things like that. I have played shotos in the past I like them (who doesnt) but I dont feel that rewarded when using them they are all ez imo. of course there is a learning curve but I digress


Hey dude. If you need another 2 cents then here’s mine. The most important hit confirms you need to learn are mentioned above.>cr.lp>>special. Go into training room and just keep practicing that until you get it down. lp’s into hk are pretty easy to do and it is important to get that down, as that is what starts off all your combos.

Next, learn how to use kidney blow ( into hk. When I started I heard lots of people say how important that move is, but I couldn’t for the life of me learn how to combo from it, but it puts you at +5 on hit (+3 on BLOCK), which makes it easy to confirm into jab or hk. It does 100 damage, makes a great frame trap. Go into the training room and practice doing>hk>special (mgb etc). It’s tricky at first, but just realise there is a very minute pause between hitting the two buttons. Keep practicing until you can do it, and once you get it down it’s your go to punish when you manage to bait an upper cut.

Another useful tip that got me a long way in the beginning, is to do cr.lp>duck throw. The cr.lp is a frame trap (not much of one) but then the duck gets you back in to keep up the pressure. Be wary though, if you use this too much people will spam out of it as it is unsafe. So make sure you get a read on what your opponent likes to do when under pressure.

Final important part of Dudley’s game plan is comboing from his overhead, Another tricky link to learn (training room) but if you start with>cr.lp>>special it’s a 2 frame link rather than the 1 frame> The delay is longer than you would think before you have to input the jab, so practice it until you stumble across the timing then just keep training it.

Once you can combo from his over head and his low ( thats when you can start mixing up your opponent. So good luck and happy learning this amazing character.

I literally created an account just to post here, so I hope it helps.

  1. Stop mashing jab and doing cr. mk.Stop doing it all ever. practice hit confirming jab x2 into standing roundhouse. If you’re going to mash jab then fine, just learn to convert those panicked jabs into a combo

2.stop doing full screen or random mgb. you might catch someone off guard online every now and then but it’s incredibly punishable and if you’re playing against someone who knows better you’re going to rush headfirst into a heavy punish.

  1. stop backpedalling so much. you’re not going to win a match by walking yourself into a corner. learn how to stand your ground and control space using your normals. st. hp, st and cr. mp, fwd mp and if they anti air use st. mk. crouching mk and crouching hk work too but can get blown up real easy.

Stop playing like you’re trying to get away with shifty online stuff and focus on fundamentals if you’re on xbl i can take some time to show you some stuff via online training. I have it for psn but i’m currently letting the lady borrow my ps3 so i may not be as available on there.

things you should focus on.
the range and spacing for dudleys normals/pokes/ anti-airs.This is the most important. stop moving backwards, it’s okay to dance in and out of your enemies range but don’t just hold back trying to avoid the players unless you’re trying to run the clock out.

hit confirms:
cr lp,cr lp, st. hk xx special move
cr lk, cr lp, st. hk xx special move
fwd hk, cr lp, st hk xx special move or fwd hk, st hk xx special move

Punish Combo:
fwd mk, st hk xx special move
fwd mk, st. mp, st hk xx special move(works on large/wide characters only)


Thanks for all the input! I will post some updates once I get to play again! I appreciate all the help and I play on pc so I couldn’t join you guys in a lobby unless I hop on my ps3 which is something I rarely do ahah! But thanks again will work and fix my problems


Did you watch the tut?


anyone know which characters it will work on guaranteed? fwd hk, cr lp, st hk xx special move or fwd hk, st hk xx special move


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Thank you for the tut! and does that stuff still apply even though that is AE 2012? Just wondering?