Still waiting! need arcade stick in AUS!

OK, this is getting extremely frustrating. I’m still trying to get hold of an arcade stick in Australia (a good one), but it is damn impossible! I missed out on a pre-order for the TE stick twice, and now I’m extremely pissed off. When will this f**kin SF4 hype die down dammit?! Someone please help! There must be an arcade stick I can buy from an online store that won’t cost me a kidney?


I was in the same boat a few months ago when SF4 came out, can’t get a decent stick anywhere down under!

I managed to find an SFAC stick with Happ parts and I also made my own Sanwa stick.

What system are you looking for? I’ve modded those sticks for 360 but they can easily be modded to PS3.

If you’re interested, I’m looking at getting rid of one of these sticks. I’ll post some pics for you if you’re interested.

$250 for the Sanwa stick ($200 if you don’t want the 360 controller)
$200 for the SFAC Happ.

Hey Man,

I want a stick for ps3. What’s SFAC? Not really interested in Happ to be honest, would prefer a Sanwa stick. Pics would be appreciated.

Man, what sh*ts me most is that half the people who ordered these TE sticks are probably just average street fighter players who will probably use the stick twice and be done with it coz they suck lol or coz they get over the game. I know some people who ordered it and they barely touch the game…makes me wonder why the hell they would spend so much on a stick when they are novice players and guys like me miss out!

Im a novice player, but thoroughly enjoy playing fighters, on and offline. Why should you deserve a stick more than me?

I’m not very good at Street Fighter either but I have it in my blood, I grew up with it and SF4 made me learn how to build sticks, how to solder so quite passionate about it.

Anyways, here are the pics:

The box is angled too which makes it a lot more comfortable to play with. I’ve reinforced the acrylic down with hot glue around the edges to make sure the top doesn’t slide or move when you play as well.

I live in Melbourne, if you’re interested feel free to come pick it up, if you need it shipped I will have to look at how much money it will cost to post.

Not really referring to you, but more so those who barely play. I guess I worded it wrong. Didn’t mean to sound arrogant there, but just saying, I’m someone who would actually use the stick a lot…not one of those people who would just buy it coz of the SF4 hype and use it and realise they suck even more on an arcade stick than they do on a control and just put it away in storage, or sell it.

It’s also not so much that they don’t deserve it, but if I was just the average fighting game fan who enjoys a game here n there, I wouldn’t go spending a ridiculous amount of money for a stick coz it’s got a SF4 logo on it and coz it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do.

Hey dude,

Good job on the stick but it’s not really what I’m after. I’m really picky and just want something that looks real proffesional you know…like you bought it from a shop. No disrespect or anything. I guess if I don’t find what I want I’ll definately consider it.

Surely if you were such a big fighting game fan you would have had some experience with a stick or maybe even a pad that you would be using regularly? (Just asking, you obviously dont need one to play fighting games) Dont get me wrong I can see where your coming from, but just placing yourself above people and saying you dont play this as often as me so I should have that joystick isnt a good attitude to have. If they have the money and chance to purchase something that is going to make a game more enjoyable despite the length of time they use it I say good on them. If you were to point the finger at anybody It would have to be the people who have bought tons, sold them on for double the RRP and made a killing. Again though, cant blame them for making money when people will pay the price.

We’re in the same boat though. I’ve built my own (just need a decent wooden case) for now, but I still would like to purchase a TE. I can see this continuing for a good few more months.

Not quite sure what you’re asking…are you saying that I should already own one if I’m a big fighting game fan or I should have experience building them?

I hear what you’re saying, and yeah I probably sounded arrogant but I guess I’m just pissed coz I’ve wanted one for ages, and was screwed over getting a stick initially from an online store who cancelled my order coz they were unable to come up with the goods. When you’re pissed you’ll point the finger at anyone. And yes, I hate those fools who sell these on ebay for double the price even more…greedy bastards. By the time I find a stick, I’ll probably get over this game. I really only play Street Fighter…not into other fighting games as such.

Managed to score a pre-order for a TE stick due on the 20th of June. It’s still a while away, but better than nothing.

Dude, you could just buy buttons and make ur own stick? Thats what this forum is about.

Look up ur local wood workers , he’ll probably laugh at your face, and then hammer out a box with 9 holes for you in 2 seconds.

My TE just shipped from JBhifi yesterday, should be getting it tomorrow.

Im also making my own stick. Have all my parts from Aki still waiting on my wood box and Cthulhu PCB.

if you were such a big fan you should have pre-ordered your TE stick


If you had bothered to read all my posts smart ass, you would know that I DID pre-order from an online store but they had to cancel it as they were unable to come up with enough sticks to fill pre-orders. Furthermore, getting one in Aus was near impossible as there were only 2 australian stores getting them in as far as I know, and they sold allocations considerably fast. I did manage to score the last allocation from the second store however, for a June 20 shipment.

Making a box isn’t a problem…I can do that. Problem is, I have no experience soldering stuff and wouldn’t trust myself with it as I’d probably wreck it. It is definately something I’d like to consider in the future, but not right now. If I was gonna do something like that, I’d rather buy a sh*tty stick and mod it…that way, even if I wreck it I won’t care, plus I can learn that way.

That’s awesome bro. I missed out on that shipment…I was so pissed. Then when they released pre-orders for the second batch due in June, I was like ‘screw that I’ll find something else by then’. lol, and I ended up pre-ordering from Gamesmen for an even later batch lmao.

I’ve just got notification from JBhifi stating that my TE stick has the status of ‘Processing’… In the mean I’ve made my own stick from scratch. Doesn’t look as pro as Norris stick but I’m working on it. Bought enough powertools recently to make it look better. Got enough sticks/buttons for another 3 complete sticks… and enough timber/wood (from normal pine, bamboo to exotic woods) to make at least 10 boxes… Now all I need is some free time.

If you have all the necessary stick/buttons I could prolly help you with the box frame… if I got enough spare time that is.

I can sell you an xbox 360 wired controller pre-soldered pad for you that’s not a problem :lovin:

Yeah after having a look at this chtulhu board that doesn’t require any soldering, I’m tempted to build my own stick. I’ve found plenty of nice boxes for sale, so I guess it’s just a matter of buying the stick/buttons, cthulhu board, wiring harness and fitting it all together. I’m sure it’s not that hard :slight_smile:

Thanks dude, but I got a ps3, not 360 lol thanks anyway but.