Stinger BC Grapple reset with Wesker Samurai Edge Assist

Every time I try to do the input for grapple, Jam sessions comes out instead. I even tried doing my input as HCF. Is there some special input needed to get this going? Also any tips for timing my air dash or the assist once I have the grapple input down?

You just need to go neutral before you do the HCF motion its not so hard cause you got a lot of time before dante jumps


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I used to have a ton of trouble with this until, literally, just the other day (Although I do it from Cold Shower xx Stinger since I don’t have Wesker). The trick, I figured out, is that if you hit BC immediately after Stinger (Before Stinger hits, just like when you’re doing Stinger xx Volcano) you have ample time for the forward input from Stinger to clear from input registry, allowing you to input QCF H. Then, if you’re doing it from Cold Shower xx Stinger, where you get a wall-bounce, delay just slightly before hitting H a second time to cancel from Hysteric to Grapple, that way the grapple line doesn’t shoot under them. If you’re doing it from Wesker assist and using regular Stinger which, if I recall, doesn’t wall bounce, you’re probably going to want to input QCF H+H as fast as possible so you can catch them while they fly back. Hope that helps, but really it’s just a shitload of time in the lab that will get it for you.

And your only options are to raw tag or attempt to block?
What if they’re holding up to jump?

Shouldn’t work if you time it right.
But they can try using invu hyper (aka bionic arm) to get you so care against those characters.

You may will want to learn the hammer unblockable l. I talked about it with Green Ace and he said the main advantage with it is that hard tags whiff you and you can punish (but it is the harder version).
Even with the airdash version you should be able to block the hard tag if you time it right, but you have to be on point with your reaction to get the right action (block and punish or hit and confirm)

Going to neutral first is the best thing to do