Stinger into Air Trick Trouble

Its probably the most essential and most frustrating thing to do, but after I Wildstomp into Stinger, I can never Bold Cancel into Air Trick.

What do i need to do? I was told you need to input for Air Trick as you bold cancel, but I never get anything out of it.

ok this is my input when i do it :df::h::h::h:>:f:+:h:>:d:+:atk::s:xx:d::s:
so you do stinger and then do down bold cancel then down :s: and dont worry about how fast you need to do it…at first just do it slowly and the more the get it the faster you’ll be able to do it…sorry if i didnt help

edit: also this video explains it plus the prop shredder air trick pretty well if you didnt understand what i was saying

From the last tournament match I was in I noticed that I screw this up sometimes in pressure situations also. What I’ve learned to do is when doing the bold cancelled teleport to just mash on d+S a few extra times to give yourself a buffer for the inputs. Instead of just doing d+atk+S, d+S do d+atk+S then hit d+S 2 or 3 times in a row to ensure the game reads the input. I’ve been doing it that way entering the d+S in multiple times and don’t drop it anymore.

I had problems with :df::h::h::h:,:f::h:,:d:+:s:+:atk:,:d:+:s: back when I initially tried learning how to Stinger -> Air Trick; I couldn’t get the Air Trick to come out consistently.

I switched to :df::h::h::h:,:f::h:,:s:+:atk:,:d:,:d:,:s: and never had a problem again.

I just do 3HHHH>6H>L+S>22S. Never failed me once.

Honestly, I think both methods work, but in the end it comes down to what the player is able to do. All we can do is offer suggestions on what works for us and what we think might work for you. So feel free to try out all of our suggestions and see what works and good luck with it. And now my suggestion would be to try the :df::h::h::h:, :f::h:, :d:+:s:+:atk:, :d:+:s:. I personally had trouble doing the :f::h:, :s:+:atk:, :d::d::s:, so I switched and it works out better for me. Hope this helps.

biggest thing that helped me out was to not mash the crap out of the H on the wildstomp bit, just learn the timing for the 3 inputs to get the max number of shots +1 extra for the stinger.

my execution for this went from like 60% to 100% after learning this. long as you stay cool in pressure situations its pretty easy to pull off as well.

:d:+:s:+:atk:, :d:+:s: is the easiest way. two motions.

I seem to be having issues with Bold cancel teleports as well, and I’m stumped as to why.
This is the motion I use, and it seems to only want to work whenever it feels like it. Does It require a specific timing? Sometimes I input this motion super fast and it comes out randomly, other times I input it super slow and it comes out randomly.
I’ve been practing the Stinger xx teleport raw from a magic series xx stinger. Does the bold cancel timing change when you cancel into a stinger from wild stomp?
Any more feedback about how any of you mastered the bold cancel teleport would be greatly appreciated!

hours of sitting there and a few broken sticks and holes in the wall. it still only works when it wants to.

My problem is I can do it while not in combo 100% of the time. As soon as I add cold shower it doesn’t ever work and seriously pisses me off.

well with me sometimes they fly past me after i trick, is there a way to actually make sure this doesn’t happen?

The way to get it 100% is to press down, down, H, S during stinger… Plink Heavy to S and you will never miss it ever… Thank me later

thnx a shit load smexy M, works near perfectly in like minutes

Lol no problem
Just a vid showing it

Nice, thanks for the tip.

Smexy this vid made the stinger teleport so so easy. I have horrible execution and this made this part of my Dante game that much easier. Thanks Alot!!!

Lol no probs everything I do with dante are shortcuts :wink: im a secret fraud lol

Nice. I really needed this.

This is why I love dante, little execution things I picked up in sfiv like plinking still have applications

I’ve tried plinking and I can never get it to work. I do :d::d::h::s:, I tap :h: then :s: fast. How fast(or slow) is plinking supposed to be? I’ve tried doing it as fast as I possibly can but still can’t get it. I’ve tried applying it to bold cancel volcano too and I still can’t ever get the plink to work.