Stinger into Air Trick Trouble



fast, in training mode if you train with input display, the inputs need to be fast but not on top of another like when you press 2 buttons at once


You can practice plinking by plink dashing which would be something along the lines of:
(For this example I’m going to dash using medium and light)
Normal Dash (Light+medium at same time), then press light and then medium instantly after the light but not as tight together to the extent that you are pushing them at the same time and not too slow that you come out with a normal. If all goes correctly, you should come out with a dash immediately cancelled into another dash. Plinking works the same way with stinger xx teleport and bold cancel volcano. Takes some practice but it’s not too hard.


I don’t know if you’re familiar with Tekken notation (not saying it’s exclusive to Tekken or started with it) But I do it like this :h:~:s:. Maybe that’s what Plinking is. But in SF I saw Plinking input as one separate entry followed by a joint one frame apart: :h: :h:+:s: Where in this case it’s just: :h::s: .


Long video but shows how plinking should be done. [media=youtube]PfP3oj_8oXM[/media]


does it have to be plinked with heavy?


I usually do a delay between the down gunshots and stinger, just enough to get to neutral and plink with L with an extra down S for good measure.

Edit: Thinking about it not sure I’m even really plinking it; it’s more of a rolling motion from the Stinger with an extra down S at the end. Gonna have to double-check my inputs.

Weird thing is I’ll get it like 20 times in a row then go on a streak fo missing it like 10-15 times in a row. Not sure if I’m getting too comfortable with the rhythm and get slightly off or what.


I just started to trying to pick up dante… I find it easier to Stinger/Down.Down.H.S Since I use pad, I slide my thumb from B to A like super fast. I don’t press it individually, I slide my finger from B to A.

Funny thing is, its even easier to do on VITA UMVC3. Stinger/ Down Down (during the stinger animation) then “slide” my thumb from O to X. Works just about everytime… whats killing my hand though is pressing down down, in fact it seems if I press it three times It messes it up? Im still learning… going to make a little video when I get it down.

But what I would like to know is… is there a list of combos dante can do without cancels? I want to master those first cause I keep dropping combos with this guy.