cute… might wanna clean those lines up. May I ask how she aquired that injury?

dude what kind of question is that? i have no fuckin idea, ppl just make these things up, they dont have purposes. and no im not cleaning the lines, its a doodle.

you should clean the lines up. if this were a doodle you wouldnt have took so much time airbrushing the crap out of it. its one of your better drawings but i would choose one light source and not have the light hit full frontal cause it makes it look like a cheap flash from a disposable camera. heres help.

…and I wished you a happy Birthday…

:lol: j/k. I just thought I would ask, most people have some sort of story behind thier characters or at least I do.

i guess u could say its one of my better “drawings”. my anatomy is improving.

i dont necessarily like using airbrush. i wish i could cg better, but right now, this is the best way i know. what u did to the picture already is a huge improvement. can i achieve better results with something like painter? i use photoshop and it doesnt do what im looking for. im not aiming for that digital look, i like the more natural media look.

Not bad. Pretty good. Yeah it looks real airbrushy right now. So what is the natural media look? Most people mix both ps and painter. If you can get your hands on painter get it. I think your boy hung tae kim uses painter maybe.

What program are you using to paint right now? I know you have a tablet, but it doesn’t look like you have one. Goog job though.

your coloring and anatomy seem to be getting better, but i think your faces could use some improvement. they don’t show much in the way of expression.

as for the “natural media” look, sfmc uses photoshop and he gets a pretty good effect. i would suggest starting by using and understanding “natural media”, once you jump on the computer it’ll be much easier i’m sure. again with sfmc and sweets as examples, i’ve seen that both have a good understanding of painting with natural media (in oil, the hardest painting medium) and so their computer painting is naturally gonna reflect that. just my 2 cents …