STL and the east side boys

I dunno i couldnt think of anything else :wonder:

This thread sucks.

I guess the titles is cool, since the east side is still considered apart of our community and all

i’m just going to say in this thread koga: your stick is probably fine. most likely a wire got caught on the button, when you turned it upside down you must’ve knocked it loose.

damn, STL is the most hype place to be in the midwest… nothing comes close to our old thread lol

unless you count chitown??

eh they cool too :P.

check this article out guys…

pretty cool stuff

yo thats mad tight.

Koga- yeah i mean, in this theres almost more east siders than Missourians. So i thought they could use a shout out fist bumps the Ill side

so! whens da next hookup?

I think jeff is having one on tuesday when BB comes out as far as east side goes… not entirely sure…

Goddamnit Kaal, stop posting on my account.

random post , but that thread title is hilarious

Wow where’s the garbage??? this place is…clean???

Yes it does.

yeah, i should have named it STL: Home of Kaal just to show how sucky it is :wgrin:

ps- he didnt say street lighter whore, he said street life like a fucking jackass

hey kaal, here’s a pretty good video to study to make your gief stronger in sf4:


don’t say i never did anything for you :tup:

Corey- my sf4 write up for yah!

Ok well i have alot of critisism. Basicaly it feels like you are unfamiliar with sf, so your gonna have to work on stuff alot of people take for granted. Find a style that fits you to begin learning the game, do you wanna turtle, rush, zone, etc. Eventualy you will use all these styles together at any time during a match, but for right now i think you should choose a focal point.

Basic things like- Knowing what beats what, and how the engine in the game works. I often dont realize that not everyone can see and instantly know what will happen if you do x and opponent does y. This is VERY important. With chun know when you can ultra, know what moves you can anti air with and at what distances, know what pokes you wanna use, and most definatly know your combos.

Backdash is realy good with chun, any time u would wakeup jump do a backdash instead. Pretty safe vs anything they do that isnt a backdash bait. Could even try backdash and then fp to try to catch recovery idk. Just things like that you should think of and try out. Add a little spice, and at your level now try something new every match to get a feel for what will and wont work. Right now your strategy was basicaly walk back, fireball, or jump in. It wont take long to progress, just keep trying to play good players and working on basics.

Your jump ins were bad, were u using lp and lk? Find what jump ins are good. Chun can jump in and do fierce, then do a late second fierce. Its pretty good, hard to block and you can mix it up with doing just one fierce, then landing into clk.

You did use ex bird for anti air which is pretty solid. But dont fall into the trap of using a ex bird kick on wakeup every time, easy to bate. When i knocked you down and it gained you the ex stock, i knew it was coming.

For combos, practice basics like clk, clk, ex legs. Theres others, check the chun li forums idk her that well. When u focus remember to dash with it. Chun is up more frames than most characters after a blocked focus attack xx dash in. You have time to do clk that they must block, u could throw, you could dash in and then haizansu(overhead kick) which will beat throw attempts/throw breaks, or maybe dash in and dash back out as a bait.

SF4 is pretty cerebral now that the execution barrier has pretty much been lifted, its no longer a question of if they can get the reversal…now its if they will try >_<. So alot of the game imo revolves around baiting reversals and seting up situations that are almost geussing games in your favor. The more you play and understand the engine, the more you will even know that you are being buttered up for baits, or entering a geussing situation(such as after a blocked galaxy tornado with rufus…its like rock paper scissors then).

TBH you need alot of work, just practice and learn the system and you should be ready to learn the game. You dont mash which is a very good start, your already ahead of half the people that play this game(maybe all, mashing is legit in this :confused: ).

I would say go to the chun forums and check out the basics thread. Im sure it has a rundown of her normals, specials, ultra and super, her anti airs, her combos, etc. Then practice that shit, eventualy your gonna need to learn dash ultra too which tbh i suck at…i dont know why. But its a huge part of chuns game.

Practice some and let me know when you wanna play another set to evaluate how the training is going.

also after you get off cr lk, cr lk xxx EX legs, mash the EX legs like you’ve got some bad tourettes, like I do. You’ll get mad respect from your peers like me. :cool:

Thanks Rex, I’ll be working on all this. I’ve been hitting the Chun boards trying to work on it. But you’re right, as to high level SF play, I’m completely new.

I have a background in SF dating back to HF/SSF2 (Not turbo). I used to think I was “good,” but clearly not. I had no competition therefore, no chance to or reason to improve.

I know more than the average scrub–not saying a lot. I’m going to get there.

As per style, i really need to go on rushdown IMO, i’ve always been pretty aggressive in gaming, used to play poker a ton, and that was my general mode of operation at the tables, so I feel like I need to apply that to this game. That’s also the way I play HDR, and it has at least done me well online. I’m still trying to level up in that too so I don’t get embarrassed by Nick anymore (big LOL on that attempt).

But honestly, I knew I needed a lot of work in 4, and that post pretty much said that, plus what I needed to know. So I’m going to get on that.

yeah rush is prolly easiest to learn and learn the game from using, not to say u have to rush constantly, just try to apply pressure. her df+mk is very good in this.

yeah i meant tourny level sf as you said, lucky thing with four is its realy not hard to become decent in at all. this is alot more leniet in controls, reversals, throw breaks than sf2. right now for you i think it all comes down to actaul knowledge of the game, once you get alot of that theres no reason you shouldnt be doing well. realy the person to talk about the theory fighter type stuff would be MrK, he prolly knows more(impractical :P) stuff about the game then i do. Except how to do seth’s unblockable ultra.

Oh and theres always frame data, which im not the biggest advocate of. but alot of people use it and its good for lazy people who dont actauly wanna try stuff out in the game. but u can use it to find what will combo, and what will punish what. i still feel its no substitute for actaul experience in matches tho.