STL and the east side boys


I hate the cardinals though. :frowning:

You actually made me cry humbag.

Not really, but seriously.

holy shit kiet, 13 hr session for the win.

plus thanks for the dinner man. that restaurant is HELLA top tier. im down for wed so just hit me up any time. your sim is gettin good.

watch out for kiet. he’ll be comin full force with sim and rufus when im done with him.

To everyone who has connection problems on xbl:

Open up those 3 ports in your routers and we should all be able to play each other. I’ll be on Tuesday night if anyone wants to help me level up my Viper or just get some experience against an extremely mediocre one. Rog is so boring compared to her it’s ridiculous.

yeah, sorry kevelra, i would have told you how I forwarded my ports to be able to play with people over live, but I honestly forgot exactly what the hell i did. :sweat: that walkthrough definitely jogged my memory.

It was also through interent connection sharing, so it was really confusing at the time.

I disagree. Jumping is really good in SF4. On your wakeup, a neutral jump can take the momentum away from your opponent. And you can punish a meaty command throw very hard with a neutral jump

Wakeup backdash is really good though, and a lot safer. Especially if your opponent neutral jumps on your wakeup.

i disagree BIG TIME! jumping is fucking stupid in sf4. what a scrub thing to do.

beast-side boys!

neutral jumping on your wakeup isn’t very good unless you’re like rufus or something.

i’d much rather choose dashing back over jumping and here’s why. if you dash back on your wakeup, most people can’t punish you unless they KNOW you’re gonna dash back and have something ready. but if you neutral jump up, people can actually REACT to that and punish you in the air…unless you’re like rufus or somethin where you can come down with dive kick.

and holding up while you’re getting up is not safe to do because you’re not low block, you could potentially get comboed into ultra or something. but if you DASH back, you’re most likely not gonna eat big damage combo, it’ll most likely be something just to catch you.

like imagine someone stubborn bein like…“oh, you think neutral jumping on wakeup is good? try that shit on me” someone who is looking out for that at ALL times just to prove a point, it won’t work EVER. but let’s say someone is like…“oh, you think dashing back on your wakeup is good? try that shit on me”…and guess what, it’ll still work most the time cause they HAVE to know that you are dashing back, can’t just REACT to it.

what this guy said, i still like mine better but the reasoning is good.

lets hear some more scrubby things to do.

rex, that was a good write up. good shit. u get an A, an A for awesome.

Lol it’s funny you would say that because in the video Weeks recorded of you and TwilightFox, you jumped in on him a lot and he ate almost each jump in. Sure they weren’t random jumps, but…

Stick is done. :slight_smile: Sorry about the pic quality…all I have is a piece of crap camera called a PlayStation Eye. Thanks a lot Raeli! When you get the plexi glass…thingy?..lets try printing off another copy of the art. Maybe we’ll have better luck at Kinkos so there won’t be borders and get it fat on better. Did better than me though. Still love the work. :wgrin: I’ll probably go with a Black ball stick, 6 Dark Blue buttons, and 2 Black Buttons (I dunno, haven’t decided on button colors yet)…spreaking of which raeli. I only see the Dark Hai (Black/Grey) buttons, not any all black Sanwa buttons on modchipman

triv, let me tell ya something…

when a player KNOWS when a certain character can abuse jump ins with little risk, GO FOR IT!

but… what? seriously think before you type. did you know what was going thru MY head? no. i knew what i was doing. who got the W? ME!

jumping just to jump = dumb.

jumping knowing you have the advantage = good.

So, jumping is only good when you do it, right? I mean, I obviously was suggesting that you jump around the screen like a goddamn rabbit.

A lot of neutral jump normals have really good hitboxes. For example, dictator’s hits really far down. I think a lot of the time it would be hard to mash out a shoryu on-reaction because you just don’t have much time before you have to block so early. Kinda why Blanka’s is harder to anti-air. I know you can shoryu it on reaction, but in my experience most players are either gonna eat the normal trying to do the shoryu motion or block. And if the opponent tried to throw you on wakeup, it’s almost guaranteed that he’s gonna block. You can’t risk becoming predictable with it, though.

If it’s a command throw, you get a great punish. Chun just needs to do something simple like j.fp -> cr.fp xx mk SBK for 350-ish damage.

Or am I wrong here? Is it easy to go for the shoryu?

Yeah, I know backdash is a lot safer because you get out of meaties, but just because it’s unsafe doesn’t mean you should never do it, right? Backdash is better, though.

Lol Glen I’m not a noobie and I DID know what was going through your head: Chun Li doesn’t have “reaction” anti-airs like Sagat, Ryu, hence jumps are safer strategy against her. I just wanted you to explain the difference for all the noobies you guys are training :wgrin:

good shit triv. (thumbs up)

mr. k, with time comes experience. you’ll see soon enough that back dashing will be preferred over neutral jumping. till then, you do what u feel comfortable with you. once you get destroyed for doing that, then maybe you’ll stop.

if this was some other game that didnt give back dashes invincibility frames, i would have agreed with you over rex.

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kukuchiluffyzoromonjisanji - don’t get me wrong, i know neutral jump attacks are good, boxer has a good one, several characters do. the problem is doing it as your wakeup option. if they knock you down and are right next to you, chances are, they are going to meaty. now if they are a little ways away and you neutral jump, what exactly are you gonna come down with? you’re gonna hit nothin but air and if i’m playin ryu, i could you.

to be honest, i used to do it too. the reward is not that great compared to the risk. that’s all i’m saying. if chun-li dashes back, her reward is soo good because she creates the space she needs compared to VERY minimal risk she has doing it. neutral jumping as a wakeup, you just risk soo much for minimal reward because your risk getting hit by a big combo compared to the reward of you just coming down with an attack that they will most likely block/ OR if they have good reaction, maybe AA you out of the air.

Jeff- hmmmm, good shit. this gives me some % of actauly being abel(:P) to go.

Glen/Allen- good shit, ill do the write ups and you guys can do the explanations :smiley:

But i will say this…jumping on wakeup is better in this game than any other street fighter. I noticed marn jumped on me whenever i had him knocked down in the corner. He got me the first time going for a throw, so the next time i knew he would jump again. I went for a meaty, clk and he STILL jumped threw it :/. But that was gettin cocky and going for big damage, the right move still you just have to time meatys realy well to beat jumps sometimes. Shoulda just waited and chp, then keep my corner pressure on especialy since thats realy the only effective place for rog to fight sagat. Sucked cuz afterwards kiets was like “yo dude he jumps on wakeup everytime hes in the corner”…i was like “i know >_<”

So i wouldnt say NEVER use it, thing was corey was using it almost everytime. And since hes starting out i figured saying replace the strait jumps with backdashes would be much safer. He then started using em right away :D, i feel like you can learn this game in a month with proper practice and people to guide you. So if anybody else in STL(and the east side boys :D) wants me to play some games with em to just look for weakness and things to work on id be more than happy to help. Thing is if i tell yah not to mash jab all the time, plz dont mash jab all the time >_<. But for sure corey we’ll play again in a few days, if u keep taking my little pointers your game WILL improve :D. This goes for tips from aks and player as well for sure, im sure if you guys are down to actauly implement some of the things we say, we can help yah.

Perfect timing on blazblue release too, owned up until tuesday and then i should have a few days to go hog wild on that shit.

blazblue is a horrible fucking game and rex, kaal, jeff, and koga should feel ashamed for enjoying it.

that said i got thirty dollars on my pre-order for the game, I hope to god gamestop is wrong and they are actually getting it on tuesday instead of Wednesday like they told me , because im tired of waiting god damnit, I NEED JYUNA’S RAGNA TIPS!!!