STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!

Oh no! :< You’re going to miss the Sentinel Cake.

buses aren’t scary. the PEOPLE ON the buses are scary :slight_smile:

That’s what I meant.

Also, Sentinel cake? Better be actual size.

God I love drama.

kth, ha I’m glad I could help. You aren’t playing to represent me, your playing to represent yourself and STL. I’m not one to sit back and gauge how good I am based on how well my student’s do at majors. Like Luger said, majors are the ones that count. What sucks is this major it looks like the comp was pretty soft and I could’ve made a dent in the scene pretty easily. :slight_smile: I’m pissed I couldn’t go. I need exp before evo. When was this tourney in TN?

Killshot, I’ll be at Evo.

Luger, we’ll just have to disagree man. Flukes sometimes happen even when ‘winning counts’. Vega in general, and your style with Vega specializes in causing flukes. From the outside looking in, you realized you were better than you thought you were playing people outside of STL. You realized you have an higher mindset than most players, which is great. You also realized the stuff you’ve got with Vega people haven’t seen before and its hard to adjust to. The combination of you being good and the shenanigans and parlor tricks you’ve got with Vega is a good recipe for you placing high in tournies and beating people that perhaps you wouldn’t in a set longer than 2 out of 3.

It sounds like you couldn’t fathom how Rex and Glenn were beating you at hook-ups and locals when you clearly do better at majors. So you chalked it up to Rex’s style countering yours which hurts your confidence and Glenn being a hometown hero who couldn’t take the pressure of a major. So whats the point of making Glenn and his list of OG players think he’s better than you right? Then the rest of the players you beat so they stopped benefiting you as well. Or worse maybe they too will catch on to your parlor tricks and shenanigans and start unjustifiably beating you messing with your confidence.

This is the path you choose when you are a character specialist. People will learn you and your character inside and out. Whats worse, is your using a character that is not fundamentally sound and relies and parlor tricks and shenanigans to win. So when good players like Glenn and Rex really start learning your tricks and punish them hard, the risk/reward eventually is not in your favor and you’re left having to guess right twice as much as they do. You very well may be better than Rex and Glenn, but you are limited by your character. Trust me I know, I played him extensively.

And why do you think I quit?

I said it many times, “I will never be good at this game.” and with Vega, its true. There are too many match-ups that are not in his favor. But the beauty of surprise takes Vega a long way in 2 out of 3 sets or even 3 out of 5 with people that aren’t familiar with Vega and your style in particular.

Instead of embracing the awesome stuff you found with Vega and how its so original that the best player in the world had a hard time adjusting to it, you claim to be his near equal. When you tell me your match with Daigo was not a fluke, that is you pretty much saying you are at his level or just below. That is you saying if you played Daigo 100 times you would get 50 games on him. That is you saying if you picked up Ryu you would be just as good or just below Daigo’s level of Ryu. I know you have not actively said these words, but your actions and attitude are. If you think those above statements are true, then you have an ego, plain and simple.

Ramen made this point; the reason your Vega is so unbelievably great is because the players here battle-tested your tactics so well that you know the best options in each match-up. You know the options so well that it makes Vega’s bad match-ups an even playing ground or possibly in your favor for people that have not played you. The sooner you can except this fact, the sooner we all can move on.

We love having you on the scene Luger, you are one of the most chill and friendliest dudes I’ve met. And whats even better is that you rep STL hard. We would embrace you if you come back to the scene for real. But you must realize this fact if you live here. STL will live on without you, but you will not live on without STL.


anyone watching the break right now? jaha for vice-mayor of everything swaaaaaaaaag~

The new SRK is hella buggy.

Aerial Rave 4.0

I was watching and I saw this and I had to screenshot it.

Also Yea for dannos tomorrow.

OMG!!! That is the greatest screencap ever!!

Rex: "I got this!"

yo jjjeff! do I get anything for winning da last season?

Who has a copy of CvS2 for the PS2 that they would be willing to sell?

glen here at hector’s place.
ggs tess last night and dang shoguns for lunch was damn delicious.
ggs hector. ill talk to you when you wake up.

rex - i still think you trollin, lol. for real, hope you have a speedy recovery.
jjj- do i get to see jjjill team tonight? also, whatever happened to playing team JJJ: jill, joe, phoenix(jean) lol.
kiet - well talk shop at danno’s unless you have to work, then we’ll have to meet up and have a super saiyan training session.



im expecting danno’s to be packed. get pumped.

Yah, for that tournament, the competition wasn’t as high as I expected. People still do unsafe shiz. I just wait and punish it hard core. I’m suprised jody lost in his pool though. Lost to 16 bit I think. I don’t think he should lose to 16 but I don’t know. MWC is on june 25-27 I think. I cannot make that one though. I got the date mixed up. You should. It’s pretty close to Saint louis.

Remember, we’re still behind comparing to east coast/west coast in mvc3. Let’s not get too confident. We still need a lot of work to do. We’re decent knowing when to xfactor. We’re still behind on controling air throw/assist. Those twos are really important.

i’ve gotta work tonight so i probably cant hit dannos :frowning: anyone got anything goin’ on thursday? a few of my friends and i are trying to level up in marvel for MWC, i think i’m gonna skip KC this weekend due to lack of $$$ though

hey EmX, hit me up on yahoo or aim sometime, i haven’t talked to you in awhile

i have cvs2 i’m willing to sell

First great job Kiet, Rex, PJ, Jody, Jeff and everyone else (sorry dont know who all else went!)

Interesting. I will bring my ps2 and SNK games. Good God no one plays SVC:Chaos. ever. Are these arcade games in that cabinet? Sorry i didnt even check what games were on the cabinet. Aside from 98. If anyone plays XI or 2k2 UM…i need the practice (im sure EMX will be spamming Gato) I will see if Hatman wants to come so we can have a grand total of 4 people!

Kurasa- Ive talked to ShinjiGohan for what seems years. STL Crew (Tekken) used to play the EX games religiously. But that was years ago. You check out his and Jesters site? Ridiculous. I would play EX3 though. Tony and his Goombas…they still play.

Brad I plan on going to MWC end of the month. working to make sure my schedule is free from both jobs as we speak.

Floe’s face looks like it’s full of pudding.

Im not going to repeat myself like a broken record. You and everyone who read my post know why i wasnt around. And it has nothing to do with my confidence level or the fact players didnt benefit me. im not going to sit here be like well it was a fluke for beating daigo. you might as well say MAKOTO the japanese claw player beating top japanese players consistantly a fluke. Claw is popular over there and they know the match up. And to be honest i have more experience at majors than you using claw in the SSF4 version. I played against many players including top that know the match up and dont. But also i learned a valuable thing, when I keep going to majors i learn that different play styles can change a match up rather its not in your favor or not. IT COMES DOWN TO THE PLAYER AT THAT POINT. if my style is based on a fluke than i should quit this game. and the people who gave me credit for being good were just blind.

How much?

Brad- quit hating son i got top 16 in super sf4. Had to fight the guy who got fifth first round in losers or it would have been higher :(. The major before that i got top 3 at MWC and 55 out of 1200 at evo so in the words of jeremy yon- “chill”. I’m at the point in super where i will never lose to any non top player but i’ll very rarely ever defeat a great player :(. I CANNOT WAIT for AE now… i really hope it revives SF here. They have not quit playing in KC and it shows- i doubt we could walk in and take top 3 all for ourselves anymore.

Ramen- dude those gifs are tight. I always wanted one of my own lol.

thank neogaf, they’re all creaming themeselves over those moments