STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!

I’ll probably manage to show up between 7 and 8 too. Also,

I lol’d.

I may not be there till around 7 or so but ima bring a full 360 setup AE/MvC3/BBCS, stick, and a few controllers and a small tv. Hope things work out for my first FNF. Hope to catch yas there.

@ FNF Are you guys strictly doing SSF,MvC,BB etc etc… or is there any room for Brawl?

As far as I can tell, most of the people here that play/used to play Smash do Melee only…and even then, there may just not be room. I’ll let Pe4CeFu1 answer that for you, though, as it’s not my place.

If you do bring something, though, as well as a controller, I would probably play a few matches with you anyway, either game.

strictly marvel and ae only. depending on the situation will i allow other games.

“Screenland Showdown” is back!! (August 13th) Plenty of time to free up your Saturday. STL’s attendees of the last event can tell you it is going to be HYPE!

Just curious. I do have Brawl+ Characters are more balanced, faster gameplay, annoying stuff like slipping, other bs thrown in vanilla brawl was taken out.
I do have a few wiimotes and game cube controllers :smiley:

I’m going to try to make it to FNF tonight. Anybody interested in some stipulation money matches while i’m heavily medicated? Looking for some AE sakura/akuma/rufus/abel money matches if anybody got the balls :). No rog, no blanka, none of my normal tournament characters.


Mindless stick spinning is one of the several things I did that got me killed. If I wanted to churn butter I’d go find an amish community. When’s RJ’s? Maybe I’ll make it out.

@Atrice - GG’s the other night! I hope to play you again soon when your may is back at 100% FULL POWAH. Also fuck losing a round off of a charged 4P or whatever. That’s always a shitty feeling.

Rex, I’d MM you at Marvel if you didn’t play Mag/Wolv/Sent.

Sorry Soul I think you got the wrong guy.

What if i were to play chris/sent/doom?

i busted up my hand and cant play :frowning: dang it… Hey anyone got the dates for the next Tourney at Ogres?

Wish I could make it gotta work till midnight

Then I’d deal with the chip damage and accept.

First Money Match of FNF?? LETS DO THIS

Lol. Like I told that guy who wanted to MM me at VS, it’s going to have to wait until I get paid next Friday. It’ll happen at the next FNF. ;D

damn fail son you need more fight money… alright then well i guess the MM is going to have to wait

Only a week. I spent the last of my money buying a stick.