STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!

idk Kriaser i think its more fun watching me body your makoto :slight_smile:

@Hall Hawk, It’s Shepard, but it’s good, I’m new and its a weird name. Are we doing Marvel this week? I can bring the game, dunno about the system (wife uses it for netflix)

hey just a heads up … the stream meeting is canceled this week because i won’t be getting the new equipment to update the audio settings to the stream until tuesday. also i’m dog tired. i thought i posted this before i went to sleep but it errored when i hit post reply and i didn’t notice. i believe a couple people are coming over to my place for some games however, so if you were planning on coming today and are still interested, text me up 314-686-5416 … (i’m about 10-15 mins away from Danno’s)

i think im going to start being a bit more serious with Oni just so i can shove you face into the ground with every victory, mister peaceful! Let’s see your salsa dress get you out of this!

aks - remember the talk we had after i came back danno’s in the kitchen, dude…shit is sooo easy to do after like 15 min of practice and is fucking retarded broke. YUN IS BROKE

other than invincible wake up, this is free. if they back dash, boom. if they try to jump, it catches them. if they block, i can stop the block string at anytime for mix ups/bait, if they so happen not to block, BnB in the face.

once you get your opponent to fear back dashing to escape(kraiser does this alot, muh ha ha) or anything, yun can just spam ambiguous dive kicks and just pull silly shit to win. YUN IS FAIR :frowning:

Evil Rahsaan, Dieminion, Santhrax and IFC Yipes are confirmed coming to Screenland showdown. Get your asses to KC my brothers.

Get out of my head, Glen

kraiser - i’d like to see you back dash now, muh ha ha. tho, i can decide not to do it thinking you are going for something then you guess right at backdashing :slight_smile:

now thats how you utilize practice mode :smiley:

well, if Yun wasn’t OP =( I’ve been trying to practice jabbing the dive kicks, but Makoto’s jab isn’t that amazing. I’ll have to work on meatys and safe jumps for Yun fights. Not that I shouldn’t have those set for me anyway.

Also, i was looking at some frame data, and Yun’s LK upkick is 5 frames. Why does it beat my cross up safe jump so easily? Shits balls.

So, anybody in STL planning on going to SS? If I can get that weekend off, I’ll carpool and help with gas and shit.

the answer to all ur questions are yun is broken and oni hmm he has a fireball ok hes free :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you guys think of this?

It says it all works, except that in neutral position the stick registers as crouching. Is this an easy fix or would I need replacement parts for it?

Fuck eBay. Just get one off of Amazon if you’re trying to find a reduced price.

The Loli’s just consists of me and Ben (TRP). If you are referring to Team Ballwin, that’s just Ben, Mr. K, and I now that Rammin’s in Cali. I guess we could grab Mubashir but he doesn’t play AE as far as I know. But hell if you just wana do a 3v3 or let me find a 4th man I’d be game for a team match. I love team matches.

Reduced price? It’s hard to find a 360 TE that’s under 200 dollars anywhere, let alone eBay. The cheapest is the $130 dollar Blazblue stick, and I’m looking for something that’s slightly less if possible.

I might be better off SELLING my Chun Li TE for more than I bought it, and then getting two Blazblue sticks. >_>

I’ll throw myself in to support team Loli if my schedule overlaps well enough for the team battle.

What d’you think Hallhawk? Team Hallhawk vs Team Loli and Friends at danno’s this wednesday if all are available?

The Hawk Alliance vs Team Loli

The closest I got to playing AE is practicing Ken via keyboard in SSF4: AE (PC) just to imitate the Hit Box layout scheme. I must say though instant DPs are hella fun. But like I said, I need to stop being a bitch, come to these hookups, and get better. Also I should follow Mr K’s simple advice and practice at least 1 hour a day. Easier said than done of course :sweat:

Oh man I’d love to do the team matches. MMC accepts! Or at least, I do hahahaha, what do you think, Loli, would you accept me on your team to face the HAWK ALLIANCE?!