STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!

funny, i had a co-worker just leave MarTrails, and I’m pretty sure that one of my fraternity bros lives like… 3 apts down of senor kovac.

i love all ya’ll be gossiping about chinese skater bois

Thanks, it helped actually, and I’ve decided to switch my main over until I’m better at the game, I’ve been working on another character and getting executions down.

If you want offense, you want Yun and not Yang.


Official tournament info:


Gaaah. I’ll leave an hour early from work to meet the mvc3 signup deadline!

Assuming the player is brand new to the game, not assuming the player has actual experience in the game already and decides to simply switch mains/pick up a secondary.

If they’re brand spanking new, pick whoever you want. I wouldn’t suggest it to be the twins due to an execution barrier they’re going to run into rather fast.

If they have experience in the game and know what the twins can do, pulling one out is basically saying “Take me seriously or you’re going to get pummeled.” And if they get bodied, IMHO that’s pretty embarrassing. At least in a tournament setting. Don’t you pay attention to the crowd when people boo at players for switching to Kung Lao (when he was doing 50% BnBs) or Yun? It’s not just a simple dislike for the character, it also shows that a character can very well carry a player to victory. Of course, in a tournament, the only thing that matters is winning. It’s up to the player to care if they’re shunned, disliked, or care if they’re being carried by the character or whatever.

Well said sir

Preface: I feel like this is probably a greater topic that should be addressed in general regarding the twins so this is going to get a little long. I am sure you are not the only person who feels that way, so hope it’s a worthwhile read to other new people in the scene. If it isnt… well… “the internet”

Lets keep things real. Nobody is going to boo Bushido Brown for playing who he wants and if they do they’ve got insecurity problems. Besides… who cares what ppl think of you? over a video game? just do your thing and walk your own way. Some ppl are always going to cheer for you and some ppl are going to cheer against you and I could easily argue that having the crowd against you is not a counterpoint but a benefit of the character because it’s going to put working on your tournament nerves in hyperdrive, and the same is true for the point about an execution barrier.

If ppl would seriously bully/shun/dislike someone because the character they picked is good… idk. Seems a little unneccisarily pretentious and retarded to me. Trolling is different because you’re being an asshole but you’re aware of it. If someone actually believes they’re in the right without acknowledging all the flaws in thier opinion then they need a reality check. I could also make a point about being shunned by shallow people as another benefit of playing a top tier character… you sift out the people who are fair weather friends whose opinion of you hinges on where your cursor lands when you hit A on the character select screen. Besides, your character got massively buffed and it coincided with greatly increased tournament performance. In your experience, have many people accused you of getting carried by your A-tier character? I’d wager very few.

Moreover… you say that the execution barrier is too high and you’re inviting getting your ass beat… but you also say that you’d be getting carried by character. Im not sure what the jump in logic is about.

You can give actual reasons why Yang is bad, and ill admit you can list execution barrier as a weakness along with his low health, but listing tier whoring is going to prompt me to call bullshit.

both sides bring valid points.


Lol I didn’t know me choosing a character would spark such a hot debate…and for the record…my first matches with Yang went HORRIBLY…but i’m trying to grind it out and learn the subtle nuances (sp?) of this complicated character.

Who cares about all this bullshit. If he spent his hard earned money on the game…he can use who he wants for whatever reason he wants…nuff said. Get over it and play the damn game.

@Bushido Brown: Sh…Shep? Is that…you? lol

Lol yeah it’s me

Well damn! Big Shep in the house! Finally made it out to the scene eh? Good shit. Hope you enjoy your time my dude.

Thanks B, took me long enough I know…folks have been real cool…

wish you could do the same.

So, if you lose playing an offense-oriented character, it’s embarrassing? There are lots of characters that when used right lead to quick stuns - Makoto, Akuma, Abel, Cammy, Viper…if you use one of these characters and get bodied, it’s a mark of shame bigger than losing while playing Honda or Guile? I really don’t get it.

It’s like this - booing somebody for picking a character is the worst kind of dumb. If you have “too much honor” to play with a powerful character, then that’s a personal thing, YOUR personal rule, and it does not apply to everyone. It would be like saying “Oh you’re eating steak? What a flavor whore. Gimme that cardboard son, I’ll show you how to eat.”

There’s also nothing stopping anybody from picking any character in the game. If you get bored with top-tier characters, then figure out how to beat them or don’t play the game. Seriously, if people “shun” you for picking a certain character, they’re scrubs and you don’t want to be friends with them anyway.

I think this topic needs to be dropped, seeing as it’s very opinionated and words are getting far too twisted to even bother correcting or arguing against.

For the record, I never said “Don’t play <insert x character>” I’ve been agreeing with everyone on play who you want. Funny how mentioning one factor of playing a certain character can turn into this.