STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!

Mobile hookups we take the fight to you lawl

Also GGs to the people I played last night.

Rex- good practice against your Seth and Akuma. I know I should have stuck with Dudley against Akuma but getting creamed against Seth was making me sadface :frowning: .

Lex- yeaaaah finally got some games against you! I didn’t win a whole lot when you stuck Tron on point and reset me in the corner like 5 times. Gotta work on getting out of that~

Chris- was nice meeting you. It’s good to match another face to a SRK name. Needs moaaaar scissor kick pressure.

Austin- gg’s man. I wish I respected Dante’s gdlk normals more often instead of being slashed to death from combos when I try to move in. Your Doom is pretty good too. I need to work on hitconfirming if get an air-hit, which you seemed to have no problem doing with H.Footdive-> ADDF into combo.

GGs to that one sakura player… I know it’s hard playing after you’ve stopped for a long while, just got to get back into the flow of the game.

OH SNAP! never in your life he says. this could be interesting in the near future.

Yeah, Good games, Mune with that crazy Sak. She’s like a can of pringles. I’ll keep putting in the work. I’m hoping to get to one of those FNFs one of these days so I can up my skill.

@Luger - good games man. I appreciate you getting into my ass about doing stupid stuff. That’s all I need lol. Someone to tell me to stop doing dumb stuff.

@Kraiser - GGs, I appreciate the compliment and the tips man.

@Rufus Player in the Green shirt - Good games too man. Sorry we didn’t get to formally introduce ourselves to one another, but it’s all good.

Shoutouts to Danno’s AC and watching a ninja get trampled by a bear!

So if you’re gonna be going to the FNF tomorrow, post something saying so so I can get a general list to prepare for. I still won’t know till tomorrow for sure but I would most likely want to start at 7.

REMINDER!! “Screenland Showdown 2” Is next weekend in KC. Turnout is looking pretty damn big, it will be worth the trip out. [Aug 13, 2011] “Screenland Showdown” Featuring Team EMP and IFC Yipes! (North Kansas City, MO.)

@AntKC: should be a good time!

@Bebop129: I think I’ll be going, just won’t be til later

Lol <3 your salt.

@Bebop129: I’ll be going.
I’ll be bringing my 360, but is there a spare TV to use?

Fucking L, Every time I come back I’m even more out of the loop D:. I’m like a unhip parent trying to fit in now.
Jeff, Call me Tomato so I know i still got it.

why you dodgin’ bro?

@Mune: Dag yo, didn’t see the post in time. Totally would have brought my copy of Melee.

@beezibop: Good stuff to you too man, that was a great set of games we had. Thanks on the Doom compliment; I think that’s actually the worst my Doom has been in a while. I don’t put him into training mode much, but he’s just too damn fun, and a lot of people don’t realize how ridiculous foot dive is. And Dante…yeah. My Dante’s awful (never landed a full combo once), but the one thing I know how to do with him is spam ABC whenever the opponent jumps. In fact, I want you in the air for that reason, and because I can’t do anything right with him when the opponent is grounded.

@Lex: …that was Lex I was playing, right? I didn’t really think about it until I came home, I just thought I was getting bodied by some random Tron/Phoenix player. Man, that Tron was annoying. I play against DINOSAUR a decent amount (he plays Tron on point), but blocking Tron is just so stupidly simple yet ridiculous. I don’t have it burned into my mind yet that if you crossup, I still have to block it high. >_< Now that I think about it, one of the main things I should have been doing with Magneto was zoning you as hard as I could, but not being hesitant to cancel everything into a Magnetic Shockwave whenever you got near. That might have helped me more. Unfortunately, I’m still having the most luck with my Task/Doom/Phoenix, and probably only because Phoenix is on there, despite the fact that I never practice with that team.

@The Guy Who Played Makoto: Man, I’ve played you at like 3 different hookups now, but I keep forgetting your name. Either way, I REALLY appreciate the tips and the practice. I was doing a bit better by the end of our long session, but you’ve definitely got far more experience than I do and it might take a bit for me to catch up. Hopefully I can get more games against you later.

@Rex: Damnit, I wanted to play you, but I didn’t get a chance. Ah well, maybe next time.

good games last night to everyone. glad everyone had a good time.

@ tahldon. want to play you soon like i said. just creepin’ on you i noticed you seemed to have really upped your game. looks like your one of the good GUYS out there after all.

@ bushido brown. wish we coulda played some more. i always have trouble with boxer v. dictator … but i like playing it. thanks for the compliments, but i watched too much conan o’brien growing up to not make jokes about how much i suck. i really hadn’t warmed up for the night at that point so lets get it in next week when i’m more awake at the wheel.

@ beezibop. nice dudley. i never knew who you were either before this. i guess your name always confused me with bebop. you haven’t ever entered an AE tourney up @ danno’s have you? you ought to come play in the next one.

@ gllty. we always talk but never play … glad we got a short grind in. happy to know your playing SF again now that you have a stick… looking forward to more games.

@ koga. love playing you. always really enjoyable and i have mad respect for the fundamentals that ryu has. you should definitely stick with vanilla ryu even with the nerfs… he suits your good-hearted nature.

@ drunken mr. k. i need to play you more like this … its all the education of playing mr. k but with more satisfaction because you actually win sometimes.

@ mmc black ken. you for real have gotten a lot better. not just quit whiffing shoryu’s and you’ll beat me all the time.

@ mmc stream genius matt. why you so godlike … waku waku 7 for evo 2012. seriously that game rules. i wanna see that xbox up there every week. its like a treasure trove of awesome. anyone who doesn’t have love from the modded xbox doesn’t have love from me. also quit DLing everyone so hard … you’re going to use all our bandwidth.

@ rex.

@ the loli-faction. give MMC two weeks to level up and you’re toast! we’ll get money-bags mike kovac to make a good investment in the future of the clique. sorry for letting you down mike. after hours grudge matches are the shit.

@ mmc killshot. fuckk ultimo dragon! but fuck hayabusa more! vpw2 is the real deal. gotta get danomighty on that shit next week. lets see if his nwo vs. the world skills come back to him.

normally my list of shouts isn’t as extensive (and sorry if i happened to leave anyone out!), but it was all cause we had a stream hiatus this week. as much as i don’t like not having a stream going, i did like being able to interact more with everyone. stream will be back in action for next week’s gathering of the juggle pros! get hype!

I might be bringing my little sister next Wednesday for Soul Caliber. We always used to play it together.

Score and characters used?

And I’ll ask again: Is there anyone in STL planning on car pooling down to KC for SS2?

zzzz…MMC Black Ken in the house, tearin shit up. Way too tired havin to work a 8 hr shift on two hours sleep. after hours grudge matches no bueno
@“Win Button” Chris – you have that name for a reason! Don’t forget your calling! `nuff said.
@BushidoB --thanks for that old skool rog beatdown; i think i’ve learned something.
@(MMC) Matt --haha playing you is a blast; your’e the ultimate doppelganger, I learn a lot of matchups with you. especially ken (breaks my heart) - u should’ve been on the team instead of me ha
@Dangerous_Jzz - GGs Tat. That would rock so hard if you mained Abel…never know next patch might restore his lost honor.
@Tahl- we gon play one day, online or off–I’m just so lazy with the live connection and i dont feel like doin the wired thing cause its on the other side of the house.

Passin out, peace…

Hey its Scott, I was at Dannos yesterday using my lame Cody. If I can get my Xbox tag added its Flatlined01. I was looking for Chris’s cuz we never had a chance to have a few games but I dont see it.

Damn looks like i missed out on a poppin dannos hopefully you guys dont out level me while im away :frowning:

looking forward to getting back and hosting FnF again and especally looking forward to seeing who all has leveled up

also anyone looking to buy a raoul duke custom i got one that i need to let go of :’( its a ps3 stick (te board) 6 buttons (seimitsu) smokes all led modded (balltop is led modded too) barely been played on probably 8-10 hours max ill post up pics when i get back but if you been to FnF you can usually see glen playing on it on the ps3 setup


found a link to the stick its the second set of pictures in this post Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

@Bebop19: I’m unsure if I’ll be going or not. I will…unless something comes up, which happens a lot on Friday nights. Need setups?

Yo … keep up that shit with Cody. We need the variety in STL. Funny thing is Steve Scott (ForgottenKazama) uses Cody … interesting connection between the Scotts. Sorry we didn’t get any games in after all … but hit me up on XBL : VoraciousWays … i’m not always on but i sneak on every now & again. prefer live games so keep coming back on wednesdays!