STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!


Regarding online play ill leave this here

Well said bannana ken.


gg 2nite


Lol, my third team is so cheap. I cannot believe it. I’ll show you on my day off.

I hate your milleena. :frowning: she’s too beastly.

Was a good night at brad. I learnt a lot in both games. Some of my set up works on human so i’m quite happy


Thanks for the heads up on the thread. Very useful information!


Some of them have Component connectors, actually. Which PS2 does. Kinda.


Hey. Hey guys.


Awesome! Will gladly attend since its on the weekend


Psycho, unless I would be off and could get a ride, it’s no dice for me even to just come and do some commentary. That is officially out of commuting range for me (god damn I need to get license/my own automotive transit). Sorry man.


I mean, I’d LIKE for these to be streamed, but that’s honestly completely up to Chris, Matt and Bazzy baz of the Baz brigade to talk about. Either way, this is going down.

Also, Mass Appeal needs more hype matches. Everybody start challenging everybody to money matches. It’ll be like a WWE PPV.


I made the offer weeks ago. January 14th, Mass Appeal. Who wants FT5 character lock for $10 in UMvC3? I have STL on lock that day. I’ll take any comers. I’m hoping THA wants to show up on that.


1-50 tonight online in SF4…okay, so I’m not getting any better…I still suck ass >.<


Well I wanna see how this phone does (in case matt is a no go) when I show wed night. So be sure to stay and help test stlbw mobile!

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RSVP I guess.


I got you as long as the funds show up inbetween now and then, but why character lock?


so I’ve jammed a lot of crack into my pokemon…lol I hope he will beat da shit out of my monkey (again) in da tournament…:lol: :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol that was early release party. I didn’t know what’s going on. I only know zero back then. I don’t care about him p. All I know u better beat me bad since I’m behind for months and playing new teams. Don’t let me quit early j.


Training mode >>> online.

Also if you’re playing online you should be doing player matches with people from SRK/STL, not ranked. If you’re playing someone way better than you, losing is fine as long as you learn something.

Every time you play someone try to learn 1 thing that you can take to training mode and get good at on your own time.

Edit: Boy Tron sure sucks now right?



Of course she sucks. You can’t just mash the assist button with her now. You actually have to use her now, which I guess qualifies as a nerf these days.


soundz like you have nothing to lose, eh? well, you better quit if you lose to him again… :stuck_out_tongue: look at all those execuses…:coffee:


Advice well taken kth.

Plus, glad to see tron is still viable. Theory fighters put her at the bottom without proper testing of new technology. Making educated predictions is fine, but not finding new tech or even trying to see is another thing.