STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!


STL SRK isn’t dead, it just migrated here:


The dream is dead.


**[SIZE=13px]Whats up everyone, so wichita will be hosting a tournament on the 27th at battlestations gaming, this place is just like lazy day games was, hope you guys make it out since there will be some sweet prizes up for grabs.

BattleStations Gaming Presents: OCTOBERFIST
27 October at 12:00 at BattleStations Gaming[/SIZE]**


BattleStations Gaming Presents: OCTOBERFIST
‎27 October at 12:00 at BattleStations Gaming


@AKA: Check your PMs good sir! :X


Haha all tournament spam in STL but…

hope some of you can make it to Champaign/Urbana Nov3rd! Marvel, SF4, KOF. (more with atleast 8 signups)


madcatz soul calibur TE PS3 ver is $70 on amazon right now


Come play games in Chambana, then get drunk with the IFD crew!


Sup fellas.
MAXOUT thread is up for November 17th.


yo results thread here: Maxout 11/17/12 Results

videos here: Maxout 11/17/12 Results

thanks for coming out as usual fellas


WOW!!! We are dead here!! At any rate:



do you guys like video games?





no posting here.


WTFrench?! :coffee:




crazy props to jeff for AR. i think we will have a much better stream next time now that we know the kinks to work out!


Your friends in Indiana are hosting a Street Fighter, Marvel, and Smash tourney in just under a month. Please take a look and consider! :slight_smile:


Where’s the best place to find tournament schedules around the STL area for SF: AE 2012? I’m looking for any gatherings that are open to the public, big tournaments, weeklies, or even just meeting for casuals. Also, is there any place like an arcade where there is a permanent console set up for games or even an arcade cabinet. I just want to check out the scene here. Thanks!


The STLBarWarz facebook is the best place to go-- I think you made a post there earlier though, so it looks like you already found it :slight_smile:


Wichita Kansas

TT2 tournament tomorrow at 1pm. Free to compete 300$ prize top 5 players get money

for details

Short notice I know.