STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!


Howdy! So I curently live in LA and will be moving to STL in a few months. But before that, Ill be staying in Farmington, MO in St. Francois County. I’m down to play just about any kind of fighter with any kind of person. Best at AE and Marvel, but enjoy anime fighters as well.


I posted up in the STL barwars thread.

ANYWAYZ. I’m in STL off at the Drury Inn (off 44 and 141) for business this week until friday. If anyone is down to get some games in tonight through thursday let me know. I play SF4, main Abel… Anyone down to get some games in?


Frosty Faustings VI will be December 28-29th in Downers Grove, IL

Online pre-reg for reduced venue fee and to be seeded by skill and region!

$1500 in pot bonuses! $800 bonus for Guilty Gear. $300 bonus for SF4 and Marvel. $100 to 4th game with highest entrants.!&p=1526132#post1526132


Just a reminder that we’re not dead!


cumcumshot~ lol


You mean you guys still play FITEANDGAEMZ over there?

Coming back to the States in January for a month. If you guys have an event, I’ll try to make it out. It’ll be harder to make it out to a BarWarz since it’s on weeknights, but I’ll give it an effort.


anyone play near southern illinois?
i’m willing to travel to st. louis if i have to

#8585 have some Springfield players as well


I live in Belleville and can host small sessions. Always looking for more people to play and travel with. Play UMVC3, MVC2, thinking about playing SF4 again…


Hey guys, I’m pretty new to St. Louis, and the FG community in general. I’ve been playing Street fighter 4 for a couple of months, and was wondering if anyone else played near the ballwin/manchester area, and would want to play some casuals.


Facebook killed SRK :frowning:


The Spring Showdown will take place on Saturday April 11th, 2015 in downtown Des Moines, Iowa.
Holiday Inn Downtown Des Moines - 1050 6th Ave, Des Moines, Iowa 50314

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The official registration page is live! You have over a month to register! There will only be a VERY limited late registration at the event. 99% of people should register through the payitsquare form. There is a special $5 venue fee for early bird signup until March 28th. IF YOU ARE NOT SIGNED UP FOR THIS EVENT USING THE LINK BELOW YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED A SPOT IN THIS TOURNAMENT.

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Just a friendly reminder that we exist - just more on facebook -

Unless we want a new Garbage thread :stuck_out_tongue:


As someone who doesn’t have a facebook, a new thread would be nice. I live around SWIC. My PSN is penasilin, if anyone wants to play.


Wow there’s more then one person in STL that plays fighting games that doesn’t have facebook? :razz:


who still out there without a facebook?


Still w/o facebook after all these years.


Info on the new stl umvc3 ranbat folks, starts May 1st!!!


STL Garbage will live on!


pour one out guys