STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!


My ban was lifted in March. I was spamming too much. Anyway yeah shit is still going down and I’d be glad to have you Ve. Address is 7014 Middlevalley Walk 63123, my number is 314-302-5780. We’ll be going all night. I only have P4A for PS3 so if you’re a 360 guy you may want to bring a copy.


I’m not gonna be able to make it up tonight. I’ll be around by about noon tomorrow, is anything going on Saturday?


yo ve what games u play?


Pretty much all of them to be honest.

Even MK9 and VF.

To varying levels of ability of course. I’m more about the play than the game. if that makes sense.


That’s some deep shit.


if I see you tomorrow, you will find out I’m mostly salt and cussing.


Good. We need more salt in STL. I can only complain so much.


So tomorrow there is a P4A hookup in IL. I don’t mind giving rides. I don’t know if Rex0r is having Grindhouse or not. BUt thats in St. Charles. Where you going to be located Ve?


I’ll be staying with a friend right near forest park.

I’m still pretty garbage at P4U though. haven’t had time to practice it much.


I think I will pick up Yang. I won’t pick the other twin!

Practicing marvel infinites is burning my soul and brain… I should take a break from them lol


go play some p4a and kof~ :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I’m garbage too Ve. I can pick you up if you want. It’s on the way.


I texted you for months but sessions never worked out and you never actually invited me to your house so I assumed that wasn’t an option. I really hope you’re not talking about me.

Also, last time you said you were taking a break from AE so I’m assuming you’re still talking about Marvel only?


hmm mr k he could be refering to me also :stuck_out_tongue:

also i should be back round the 25th which means xbl psn and gfwl to anyone that wants to play ae

i have found a new love for rose again the amount of salt she brings is too high for me to pass up


Okay, I’ll send you a text or something when I’m in town.


I could do that too, I guess. lol


I’m in STL now. I sent a message to radio gnome and jeezibop. Let me know if anything is up.


mr. k - it wasnt toward anyone in specific. it was just a general statement. once september hits, the plan will be in motion. it’ll be for both ae and marvel. more details in due time.

not to be harsh, but if rex isnt holding anything, its not worth going to anything. might as well just do a private 1 v 1 session.


i want to take you up on this when it does go live… admittedly i have a weird schedule, but if i can meet with you weekly i would like to get in on it… marvel obviously, but i’m not opposed to SF either…

as a side note: i’m not opposed to using SRK, facebook is just easier for a lot of people… it also helps out newer players that don’t know how to approach people or our community… IMO i don’t see why we can’t use both… with SRK being for people wanting to be a bit more serious and facebook used for getting info on hookups and meeting people


right on whitebuddha. i’ve been workin on vergil alot.

on the other topic, i will agree with you 100%, its easier in a way but whose to say we cant use this for hook ups either? before facebook, this is all we had for hook up info, etc. also, with out of towners wanting to chime in for whatever reason, this is the only place they can check and with it being a dead zone for a while, i dont blame them for not wanting to post in here. we cant assume they’ll know how to get thru to the facebook page, ya know?

the way i see it, this way i can distinctively see who is serious and who just wants to casually meet up and bust balls. like you said, the serious ones will post here and the serious ones are the ones ill go out of my way to play. i dont want to waste my time with barwarz lackey #1-5.

i apologize if this seems mean but i gotta do things that will improve the stl scene instead of hearing shit like “i come to the stl page just for laughs now” etc. or whatever post one of the KC guys posted today cuz honestly, thats ALL i hear from alot of the out of towners and id rather not see stl be a fucking joke after all the time those before us invested to get the city recognized.