Stock agetec arcade stick(DC) stick question

First off, Im a total newb. This is my first home arcade stick. Don’t flame me if this is a repeat post. I tried searching but the search function would only open up a blank page. Also Don’t flame me for incorrect terms, Im learning here.

My question is that I just bought a used dreamcast arcade stick and the stick itself doesn’t feel right. When I move the stick in any direction it hits a point where it stops and clicks(at this point the stick is engaged and the movement is reflected on screen) but with added pressure the stick will go further creating a popping sound and almost a metal vibrating type sound. Is this normal? Is there an easy fix?

Any help would be appreciated, Im planning on swapping out the stick and buttons for sanwa parts but didn’t want to do that till a ways down the line.

Are you forcing the stick? Ie are you putting undue pressure on it?

Depending on the stick you are using, there are varying distances in each from “dead center” (when the stick is in its neutral position) to when its moved to the edge of its “gate” (the piece of plastic on the stick that limits its movement and direction).

To answer your questions simply. You’re probably pushing the stick too hard, nearly every movement you do should come out smoothly by simply taping the stick in the desired direction. Being too hard on it could cause damage, noise, etc etc.

Thats my guess.

I guess its possible. It just doesn’t seem like im putting much force into. If I make conscious effort to be real delicate with it, then it doesn’t seem to be a problem most of the time. But in a close fight with quick movement it does seem to happen even if Im trying not to.

Also just noticed another thing, with half or quarter rotations there seems to be some noticable rubbing going on. It seems to only be happening at the corners. any ideas?

Oh and thanks for replies.

Open it up and see how the stick looks. If its noticeably worn, you might want to look into replacing it/modding it.

I opened it up and am looking at it right now. With the stick and buttons facing down,on top there is a whitish plastic piece that I assume is the sticks square gate. The stick itself seems to be made up a small cylinder that passes through the gate which is on top of a larger cylinder. It would seem like that smaller cylinder should ride along the gate as I rotate the stick but it doesn’t. It always stays about a mm or 2 away. Does this sound right? The only time the smaller cylinder contacts the gate is when I add a little pressure which causes the popping sound.

Picture would help.

I would suggest posting in the Trading Outlet that you need an agetec joystick. A lot of times you’ll see that people end up throwing these sticks out in favor of a JLF or an LS32.

If you want to make this your first mod job I suggest visiting the Essentials thread here. There you’ll find a 2 agetec stick mod guides that are very informative. Get ready because you’ll need a dremel at hand.

One of the mods also teaches how to mod the agetec with a DB port, so you could make project boxes for the stick. This will keep you from having a stick for every system. Its great when you have tourneys and are playing games on multiple systems.

I would give you links to the pages but I’m posting from my phone.